Hobitit or The Hobbits from Finnish public broadcaster Yle, 1993

I thought I’d post this to An Sionnach Fionn since few people will have heard of it let alone seen it outside of its home country. In 1993 the television and radio network Yle, Finland’s public service broadcaster, produced a mini-series loosely based upon a theatre version of J.R.R. Tolkien’s trilogy “The Lord of the Rings” called Hobitit (literally “The Hobbits”). Shown in 30-minute episodes over nine weeks on the channel Yle TV1 the series featured actors shot on studio sets with some questionable costumes and make-up choices not to mention some very early TV video effects (the worse effects of all!). However it is well-regarded by many Finnish fans of Tolkien and Jounin Ensio has posted the entire series to YouTube with the addition of English subtitles:

1. Bilbo

2. Tie (Road)

3. Vanha metsä (Old Forest)

4. Pomppiva poni (Prancing Pony)

5. Konkari (Strider)

6. Lórien

7. Mordor

8. Tuomiovuori (Mount Doom)

9. Vapautus (Liberation)

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