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John Redmond And The Politics Of The Grave

John Redmond British Army Recruitment Poster
John Redmond, the British Empire’s recruiter-general in Ireland. Tens of thousands of Irishmen heeded his call, tens of thousands of Irishmen never returned home

A quick post to highlight John Dorney’s still excellent 2012 article on the Irish Story examining the by now annual controversies surrounding the commemoration of those Irish citizens who served in the uniform of the British military, particularly during World War I. In any other nation it would be a simple matter of remembrance, of separating out those who served overseas from those who served (and fought) at home, but in Ireland the issue has been hijacked by a media elite of British apologists, journalists and authors seeking to rewrite the nation’s history under colonial rule. I doubt you will find a fairer and more equal treatment of the subject and certainly not in any of our national newspaper who are too busy inventing other counter-factual agendas of their own.

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