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Scotland: Latest Poll Records Rising Yes Vote

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Alba – Albain – Scotland

For the last two years members of the SNP government in Edinburgh have been claiming that in the lead-up to the referendum on Scotland’s independence there would be a significant shift in polling as voters finally decided on their constitutional future – Scottish rule or British rule. Well it seems that they may have been right. From the Scotsman newspaper:

“SUPPORT for Scottish independence has risen for the first time in nearly a year, according to a new poll published last night, offering evidence that the contest is getting closer in the run-up to next autumn’s historic vote.

The Ipsos-Mori poll registered a rise in support of three percentage points, with a total of 34 per cent of those who are certain to vote choosing the Yes side.

Backing for Scotland remaining in the UK was still the most popular option, but support had dropped two points since September to 57 per cent. A further 10 per cent of those certain to vote had yet to decide.

…for the first time, there are more people in the most deprived parts of Scotland who support independence than there are who oppose it. Some 45 per cent back leaving the UK, with 42 per cent supporting the status quo.

That is in marked contrast to the country’s better-off areas, where the No side is ahead by 68 per cent to 26 per cent.”

SCOT goes POP has more analysis.

2 comments on “Scotland: Latest Poll Records Rising Yes Vote

  1. IIRC the latest poll was too soon after the publication of the white paper (the detailed plan for independence) for it to really have had any effect on attitudes. It will certainly be interesting to see if the percentages begin to shift once people have had a chance to digest the governments substantial document. To date the ‘no’ side have been unable to come up with a single positive reason for staying in the UK, they just recycle the same old scare stories.

    Watch and enjoy 🙂


    • Agreed, though that hasn’t stopped “Better Together” spinning it as a failure of the White Paper to gain public support or interest. So much for the unshakable bedrock confidence of the No side.


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