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Big Investment For Local Education Through Scottish Language

Port Rígh, Albain (Port Rìgh, Alba)
Port Rígh, Albain (Port Rìgh, Alba)

Some very good news for the Scottish-speaking community and citizens of Skye who are to see a substantial investment in local education by the government in Edinburgh. From the Scotsman newspaper:

“Highland Council is to receive £3 million over two years to build a new Gaelic school in Portree, on the isle of Skye.

Minister for Scotland’s Languages Alasdair Allan made the announcement during a visit to the site of the new school, where building work will begin in 2015.

An additional £250,000 will also be invested in Gaelic learning for early years, to encourage sustained growth in the number of pupils going through Gaelic medium education (GME) and encourage parents to choose bilingual schooling.”

Congratulations to all involved.

3 comments on “Big Investment For Local Education Through Scottish Language

  1. That sound you hear is the usual suspects preparing to blather forth on why this sort of “frivilous” spending represents a poor use of limited resources.


    • I know. Yet here is the answer to their criticisms. A thriving Gaelic-speaking community with a large upcoming generation of new Gaelic-speakers seeking accommodation in the school system. Those school buildings will simply serve what already exists. So much for the “dead language” slur 🙂


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