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Despite the hammering Sinn Féin has taken in the national media the latest poll from Paddy Power/Red C reveals the same variable pattern of recent years, a little bit up, a little bit down but no great slippage. Fine Gael remains ahead of Fianna Fáil which seems incapable of returning to its once given status at the top of the party political pile. Labour is barely holding on as it continues to suffer a death by a thousand cuts (or resignations). The Greens… ah, screw the Greens. Meanwhile the amorphous “Others” continues to hold its 20% cut of the electoral cake. At least until the polling companies decide that the Reform Alliance should be treated as a separate party (should that day come). The sort of consideration that other smaller parties or groupings with people actually sitting in Dáil Éireann are denied (unlike those mendacious Greens, of course…).

28% Fine Gael (-1%)

22% Fianna Fáil (-)

18% Sinn Féin (+3%)

10% Labour (-2%)

2% Greens (-)

20% Ind/Others (-)

7 comments on “Latest Poll Numbers

  1. an lorcánach

    “screw the Greens” – damn straight! :p

      • an lorcánach

        the only “greens” pure of heart are those gendered republicans of virtue and principal! 🙂 — the truth is no party has a monopoly on sustainable living and good governance; hopefully you can access archived articles without subscription for ’07 general election, along with the following coalition discussions and programme for government and green party conference to vote in/out, but it was gormless-gormley and éamon ryan who were desperate for power and caputulated (not compromised) on election promises and complicit in 2010 renewal of (2008) bank guarantee scheme – an act of treason in my view (along with ’08 Lisbon 1 & ’09 Lisbon 2) — as for the general election literature, unfortunately my brother threw out my 2007 election leaflets

  2. But the Greens are the only ones with pure hearts. That’s why they warrant inclusion, no matter how small a percentage of the vote they actually receive.

    • an lorcánach

      sorry about that, cbc – above reply post should have been here (wifi keep cutting out) — there was a lot of re-visioning/tip-exing of green party policies after the general election but that’s politicking for you!

    • CBC, as a one-time Green Party voter the grouping disgusts me. Elected to two coalition governments here in Ireland they became mired in the cronyism and patronage that bedevilled Irish politics. Indeed in some cases they outstripped their rivals. They now have not a single representative in the Irish parliament, are all but dead in the water, yet the polling companies continue to show their support in a separate column. On the other hand smaller parties with actual elected representatives in the Irish parliament are lumped together as “Others”. There are strong suspicions about why this “generosity” may be occurring. As a journalist you are aware of the importance of media polling and maintaining party visibility with the general public. Something is rotten in the state of Ireland when it comes to polls.

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