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Ooh, Ah, Up The RA

Another round of riding the flea-ridden Celtic Tiger
Another round of riding the flea-ridden Celtic Tiger (Íomhá: Dublin Opinion)

Okay, I admit it, the team at 1169 And Counting got me with this one until I followed the link.


Yes, it’s true, and it has to be said: the ‘RA’ make their money from wheeling-and-dealing in the business world, from extorting money from anyone it can, when in a position to do so – employed, unemployed, rich or poor – in the guise of the ‘taxes’ and ‘levies’ it imposes on State benefits, wages and savings, and is directly and indirectly responsible for driving ordinary, innocent people to despair.

They are a law on to themselves, and have the backing of their own ‘justice’ system and various armed militia within their groups of supporters, who will enforce the writ of the ‘RA’ and, indeed – if the money is right – those armed gangs will do the same for the groups that the ‘RA’ claims to be opposed to, even though members of the ‘RA’ are known to have previous history with said groups. For in the murky world of the ‘RA’, there are no permanent enemies or friends, no stable alliances, no guaranteed allegiances: it is a treacherous, ‘words-are-cheap’ and unprincipled mini-society, which operates quite openly in this State and, indeed, it has formed contacts with other ‘RA’-like groups in Europe and beyond. And they all share the same objective: to mercilessly use any means necessary to enrich themselves.

Indeed, so emboldened have the ‘RA’ become, and so sure of themselves, that they have organised an indoor public rally in Dublin, to be held this very month – January 2014 – at which the present leadership will attempt to show a ‘kinder face’ to its victims, and will promise to offer a ‘new beginning’ to those who, in one guise or another over the years, they have terrorised – financially, morally and physically – but only if those people give their unconditional support to the ‘RA’. In the best tradition of these gangsters, it is an ‘offer’ that best not be refused, least they take whatever it is you still possess. However, whether you attend their rally or not, or pledge your allegiance to them or not, or try and stay neutral in the storm of their onslaught, one or other of the ‘RA’ family members or their close connections will get you one way or the other. Of that there is little doubt.

Details of the ‘RA’ Dublin rally can be had here, but be warned – whether you attend or not, pledge your support or not, oppose them or stay neutral – there is no escape from the ‘RA’ or from their ‘family’ connections. They have no reason to let you off their hook, even though they have already enriched themselves at your expense. They figure you have more to give…”

For more check out the link above or read the Cedar Lounge Revolution’s take on the possible establishment of Ireland’s newest “RA”.

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