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The Marc Coleman Show On The Irish Language

Newstalk 106-108fm
Newstalk 106-108fm

The Marc Coleman Show, to be broadcast on Dublin’s Newstalk radio, will be examining Ireland’s relationship with the Irish language and its Irish-speaking communities between 9 and 10pm on Sunday. Guests are expected to include Séan Mag Leannain, a former senior civil service who recently expressed his concerns in relation to the state’s antipathy to its Hibernophone citizens, and Conchubhair Mac Lochlainn, a well-known television presenter and activist. I was very kindly invited on the show but unfortunately work commitments make it unlikely that I will be able to participate. You can listen live here. Meanwhile the current affairs website An Tuairisceoir carries a brief overview of the reactions expressed today at the unprecedented meeting in Liberty Hall by representatives of cultural organisations from around Ireland as they discussed the increasing erosion of Irish language rights in the country. Unsurprisingly the gathering went virtually unreported in the Anglophone media.

9 comments on “The Marc Coleman Show On The Irish Language

  1. an lorcánach

    looking forward to it, sionnach @

    • Thankfully I can’t attend or do a telephone participation. I suspect some of the older heads in the Irish language movement might be apoplectic if they heard me taking part. Apparently I have a reputation as a “radical”… 😉

      • Whoever would have guessed … 🙂

      • an lorcánach

        But new voices, sionnach – otherwise it’s all macalla and the usual commentators with vested interests (teachers, politicos) – sure you could have given a recorded interview, if only for us to hear your voice -:) @

  2. an lorcánach

    weak discussion last night to be honest: shocking listening to Niall Boylan on 4fm this afternoon: that the elderly who speak only Irish don’t matter as they’ll die out anyway and that it’s child abuse to raise children only in Irish – Niall Boylan’s words! @

    • Sickening! Who is the guy? Does his ‘opinion’ carry any weight?

      • an lorcánach

        Thanks for that Marconatrix – Niall Boylan’s a popular shock-jock but he’s representative though of general view about “awkward” Irish speakers – same attitude later last night over on Dublin’s fm104’s Chris Barry: this recent rant was sparked by a Facebook page (can’t find link unfortunately) where father of three year-old was in an argument with aggressive Guard and was arrested after he refused to answer in English, only Irish @

    • Agree, I was hoping for something more hard-hitting and honest in the discussion. It’s still the softly-softly approach when that has manifestly failed. No comparisons with international situations beyond Finland or the Baltics, no references to the very real discrimination out there, no condemnation of the “race-baiting” or hate speech engaged in by leading national journalists. Same old same old, education, teaching methods, etc.

      Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. The Irish language community’s definition of madness.

      • an lorcánach

        but all the more reason why you should have gave a recorded conversation and spiked the conformist complacency! 😉 @

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