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MI6, The Spy In The Irish Police Force, Jack Lynch And Britain – An Insight Into Ango-Irish Relations A Year After Bloody Sunday

How in the 1970s the government of Ireland, the party leaderships of Fianna Fáil, Fine Gael, Labour and others betrayed the security of their own citizens to a hostile foreign power to safeguard their own mastery of the Irish state and people. A sorry tale of cowardice, deceit and corruption.

The Broken Elbow

By Ed Moloney and Bob Mitchell

The British government’s archive at Kew has, thanks to the ferreting of my colleague Bob Mitchell, produced a document that sheds fascinating light on the nature of the relationship between the British and Irish governments a year or so after Bloody Sunday, when the killing of fourteen unarmed civilians at a civil rights demonstration in Derry by the 1st Parachute Regiment pitched Anglo-Irish relations into their gravest crisis since the creation of the Irish state.

Those of us who were alive at the time can never forget the huge wave of anger and sympathy for Northern Nationalists that rolled through the South in the ensuing days. Factories and workplaces throughout the country came to a standstill as thousands of people staged impromptu strikes and marched to town centres carrying placards condemning the British. Buses and trains stopped running, Aer Lingus planes were grounded and…

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