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ETA Bolsters Faltering Basque Peace Process

The Basque insurgent organisation ETA has carried out a symbolic act of arms decommissioning in front of international observers as part of its commitment to the ongoing peace process in the Basque Country. So far the Spanish government has adamantly refused to participate in any political negotiations with representatives of ETA or any of the more progressive Basque parties such as the popular Bildu coalition. Instead Spain has ramped up its authoritarian actions in the Basque Country, moving political prisoners to detention centres hundreds of miles away from the region and often in extremely adverse conditions, prolonging sentences and imprisonments, carrying out wide-scale arrests and destructive property searches, harassing journalists and censoring news outlets, banning certain political and cultural movements and in general fostering an air of crisis on the streets.

4 comments on “ETA Bolsters Faltering Basque Peace Process

  1. Sharon Duglas

    I hope this is a good thing.


    • So do I. The Spanish elites need to get real or they will simply set up trouble down the road. As it is the suspicion that they are actively encouraging dissatisfaction and unrest in the Basque Country continues to grow. Why? To spike the peace process? Because they are psychologically and culturally unable to handle a non-violent Basque campaign? Or perhaps to encourage Basque separation and rid their house of a troublesome guest, as they view it?


      • I read somewhere a Venezuelan born politician wanted to create a Basque-Navarresee monarchy on wikipedia it’s easy to forget like the catalonia conflict that hostilies began over the choice of different monarchies in Spain

        It seems strange in 21st century europe a new monarchy will be created or it’s just one idea floating around in cuckoo land


        • As far as the Basques are concerned I’d say that monarchism is fairly well on the fringe. If the Basques do gain independence in the next decade it will be interesting to see what will happen with the Basque regions of France. Will they demand union with their fellow Basques across the border?


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