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“Winter rain shrinks Type 2 Transporter”, or how I spent my Saturday morning at the 2014 OCTO Winter Meet

For all my fellow autophiles and those who appreciate classic motors: some classic VW vans…


“Winter rain shrinks Type 2 Transporter, or how I spent my Saturday morning at the 2014 OCTO Winter Meet”. Thankfully the rains that had arrived late in the week in Southern California had left as Saturday, February 8th approached. The reason for my concern was that on Saturday, the “2014 OCTO Winter Meet” would once again be held at the Long Beach Veterans Memorial Stadium, and I had missed their last event. Fortunately for all involved, Saturday morning dawned crisp and clear, albeit a bit cooler than we Southern Californians are used to.

It’s hard to imagine a better view for anyone interested in VW Type 2 transporters, than the scene presented below, upon entry into this years Winter meet.

Entry view of this years show_ rows of type 2s_OCTO Winter meet_Long Beach , CA_February 8, 2014

Anchoring the end of the first row was this beautiful green and white early 1960s Type 2 bus.

Pale green and off white colored type 2_ 3/4 front view with reflections__OCTO Winter meet_Long Beach , CA_February 8, 2014

Having just completed the restoration on a set of Bosch European H4…

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