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Ní Neart Go Cur Le Chéile

Have an opinion? Passionate about politics or current affairs? What to let others know about it?

An Sionnach Fionn is a grain of sand on the shifting beach that is the world wide web. However all things are relative and this particular grain has accumulated quite a following over the last three years. So if you fancy contributing an article or two please feel free to do so. The email address is on the homepage and all suggestions are welcome. The political stance of the website is, I believe, fairly obvious. Left-of-centre, social-democratic, liberal and progressive Irish Republicanism. However anyone on the broad Left to Centre-Right of politics is certainly welcome. Of course fixating on the news is not to everyone’s taste so any submissions focusing on historical, cultural or artistic matters are most welcome. Indeed I would be very happy to see some articles examining mythological or genre themes. The very areas of interest ASF was originally intended to promote.

So some suggestions for articles, long or short, would be:

Politics, news and current affairs.

History and archaeology.

Environmental matters.

Art and archaeology.

Science and technology.

Science-fiction and Fantasy (please!).

I’d also love to hear from people outside of Ireland. Especially folk living in the Celtic Nations, as well as places like Catalonia, the Basque Country and Québec. All backgrounds and cultures interest me, everyone has a tale to tell, so please don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to tell yours. There are no restrictions on language so write in the tongue you feel comfortable or fluent in. On a particular note I would like to invite members of the British Unionist community in Ireland to consider contributing something as well (or several somethings if possible). Blogger friend Bangordub has established a fine tradition of publishing contrary views on his blog, We In Coming Days, and it is something that I strongly believe in. You will not be edited or restricted in your opinions however forcefully made.

The open door is there for anyone who wishes to use it 🙂

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