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British Spooks Seek Irish Hookups

In recent years MI5, Britain's Security Service or SS, has significantly expanded it's clandestine intelligence operations in Ireland despite the Peace Process of the late 1990s and early 2000s
In recent years MI5, Britain’s Security Service or SS, has significantly expanded it’s clandestine intelligence operations in Ireland despite the Peace Process of the late 1990s and early 2000s

It seems that the Irish-based spooks of MI5, Britain’s Security Service, are growing ever-more brazen now that the dangers of staring down the business-end of a Browning automatic pistol have (almost) gone away. From a statement by Phoblachtáigh do Aontiú or the Republican Network for Unity (PA – RNU), an independent Irish Republican political party:

“British Intelligence agents today made an overt daylight approach to a recently released Maghaberry POW in Belfast City Centre, less than 6 days after he lost his job in a call center due to ‘security reasons’.

The target of the approach (who for personal reasons does not want to be identified) was taking a walk as part of the daily routine he has adopted to help him adjust to life on the outside.

While making his way across Queen’s Bridge he noticed a man who he did not know gesturing in his direction as if to attract his attention.

Choosing to ignore this individual the ex-prisoner walked on a few steps before his path was blocked by two more men who had previously been leaning across the bridge looking into the river.

Both men in English accents then identified themselves plainly as ‘MI5′ before attempting to speak to their target about his RNU membership, as well as the ‘tough week he had’.

The ex-prisoner who is a member of the Nora Connolly Cumann Belfast and participated in the ‘dirty protest’ of 2010, calmly and confidently told both spooks that he had ‘done six years for keeping his mouth shut and wasn’t going to start talking now’.

After threatening him with future imprisonment and insinuating that he ‘could make money by helping them’, both spooks were told in no uncertain terms where to go.

Later in the afternoon he received a phone call from a man with an English accent who identified himself as ‘Adam’ and ‘the man on the bridge’, again he was told where to go. The number provided by the spook is 07840907802.”

Below is an audio recording of a phonecall from the eponymous British Intelligence agent “Adam” posted by the PA – RNU to their YouTube channel.

Ah, bring back the good old days. They haven’t gone away y’know! So for “Adam” and all the lads an’ lasses up in the Monkey Palace (aka. Palace Barracks) a blast from the past.

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  1. Graham Ennis

    glad to see them sent packing…..what, exactly, after years of the peace process, they aare exactly after, is anyone’s guess. more Budget cash, I guess.


  2. Sharon Duglas

    “”the business end of a browning…” Why Seamas you sound almost revolutionary. Maith thú! 🙂


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