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Britain’s Very Own Own Crimea In Ireland

British terrorists of the UDA-UFF on parade in the north-east of Ireland.
British terrorists of the UDA-UFF on parade in the north-east of Ireland. The organisation remained a legal grouping until the 1990s when Britain was forced by international pressure to ban it. However it continues to enjoy relative immunity from prosecution.

Military jeeps driven by masked men wearing combat fatigues drive through the darkened streets of a city while hysterical crowds scream “Bring out the guns!” before confronting local paramilitary police. A week later over a hundred masked and uniformed men invade a local community, ransack homes, setting some on fire, driving people onto the streets before again confronting paramilitary police officers this time with sustained violence.

The Ukraine? Crimea? Transnistria?

No, this is Western Europe and this is Britain’s rotten colony in the north-eastern corner of Ireland. A medieval anachronism in a modern world. So why do we put up with it when we know what the solution is? The same solution that ended the greater part of Britain’s historic colony on our island nation and centuries of misrule. “Northern Ireland” is simply the rotten afterbirth of British imperial ambitions and it is time to flush it into the sewer of history where it rightfully belongs.

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  4. Why do UDA-UFF and other unionist paramilitaries even exist?
    British government is on their side already and does everything it can to prevent an united Ireland.
    Why risk your life and freedom by participating in illegal killings when you can easily enlist into RUC/PSNI or the British army and fight the IRA that way?

    • The reason for the UDA/UFFs continuing existence has really nothing to do with opposition to a United Ireland : these groups are essentially gangsters /racketeers, they are in it for what they can get out of it, it has become an alternative way of life and for some of the leaders a very lucrative way of life. A few years ago the U.D.A. set up its own political grouping, the Ulster Democratic Party : so few people voted for this entity that it quickly disappeared into oblivion, which tells you all you need to know about these groups’ popularity in the wider Unionist community.
      For most people in N.Ireland the solution is not the one advocated by Seamas, i.e. an instant United Ireland, which, of course, would only make things worse, but for the P.S.N.I. to get their fingers out, do what they are paid for and put these gangsters where they belong–behind bars.

  5. Because they love murder, it is part of their culture, sure you don’t have to go far to witness the difference between them and us, in glasgow the celtic fan is easily spotted, a happy go lucky smile and gait to match, very approachable, their bars and clubs boom to the sound of laughter and lively bygone days, foot tapping music, while they are easily noticed, they stroll down the avenue, scowling face, bright red through the effort of trying to keep their chests expanded out as far their stomachs, if you are a stranger looking for directions you would not, under any circumstances approach this specimen, drinks in bars and clubs resonating to the sounds hatred and violence, permanently harbouring a hatred of them or anyone else that does not “belong”…… One city, two opposites, completely different cultures, natures, ask the good folk of barcelona, better still read the “open letter” to the hun from El Mundo:-

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