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Barack Obama, They All Look Irish To Me

Wee Jamie Bryson proclaims: mise Éire!
Wee Jamie Bryson proclaims: mise Éire!

President Barack Obama addressing the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Town Hall in University Malaysia, as reported by News Straits Times:

“…it’s among groups that those of us on the outside, we look – they look exactly the same. In Northern Ireland there has been a raging conflict – although they have finally come to arrive at peace – because half or a portion of the population is Catholic, a portion is Protestant. From the outside, you look – why are they arguing? They’re both Irish. They speak the same language. It seems as if they’d have nothing to argue about.  But that’s been a part of Ireland that has been held back and is poor and less developed than the part of Ireland that didn’t have that conflict.”

Wrong in one way but so right in another.

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