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Lovely jubbly...
Lovely jubbly…

Enda Kenny, Taoiseach na hÉireann, on the importance of water conservation and the dilemma faced by tens of thousands of people in Ireland who can’t afford to pay the new Euro-Tax Mark II Water Tax, as reported by The Journal:

“You can turn off the tap.”

So there you go, Seán and Síle Citizen, political acumen at its best. Electricity bills too high? Turn off the electricity. Gas bills too high? Turn off the gas. Kids too expensive? Drown one.

Meanwhile Paul Murphy MEP of the Socialist Party was visited at his election offices in Dublin by an official looking for cash to pay off the new Euro-Tax Mark I Property Tax. Again from the Journal

“SOCIALIST MEP FOR Dublin Paul Murphy says he has no intention of engaging with the Sheriff of Dublin’s office, after he received a number of letters and a visit from an official on the issue of unpaid household and property taxes.

The politician, who is refusing to pay the annual charge on principle, said he was surprised that a visit was paid to his office in relation to the outstanding charges, considering that the outstanding debts relate to his home.

“Despite the tax being due for a whole period of time, they have chosen now, in the middle of an election campaign, to begin harassing me,” Murphy said.

What do they plan to take? Computers from the office, our printer, desks? Is this being done to disrupt the election campaign?”

Murphy said a number of items of equipment in the office had been bought in his name, and that his staff had been warned they may be taken unless Murphy engages with the office.”

Hmmm, the whole “PSNI” solution to staving off electoral challenges by the dirty proletariat seems to be growing positively popular these days. And last but by no means least that career politico par excellence Mary Hanafin who is so desperate to get her backside into an elected seat, any seat, that she is defying her own Fianna Fáil party to do so. Well we all have bills to pay, y’know.

“FIANNA FÁIL HAS announced that its Ard Comhairle will investigate Mary Hanafin over her “refusal to respect the process and openly defy” the party’s wish that she not run in the local elections on 23 May.

The party could theoretically now expel Hanafin as it deals with the fallout from the botched effort to run her as a candidate in south Dublin.

In a statement issued this afternoon, Micheál Martin said the party will campaign for “the properly ratified candidate” Kate Feeney, pointedly leaving out any mention of campaigning for Hanafin.

Hanafin confirmed this morning that she will run under the Fianna Fáil banner for Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council in the Blackrock ward despite Martin asking her three times in recent days not to contest the election and allow FF Ógra president Feeney to be the only candidate in the area.

Hanafin maintains she was given “no good reason” for the Fianna Fail’s decision to renege on its earlier encouragement that she put her name forward.”

Oh, I can think of a good reason. Quite a few in fact…

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