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Bye-Bye Peace Process! Hello Orange World Order!

British politicians love to play the “Orange Card”, sacrificing democracy and peace in Ireland for political gain at home in Britain. Here’s to another decade or two of Unionist fascism!

A terrifying report from the Guardian newspaper for anyone who knows anything about the history of modern Ireland:

“David Cameron hosted a lavish reception in the Downing Street garden for Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionists last week, prompting senior party figures to say the prime minister is wooing its MPs ahead of a possible hung parliament where their support could be crucial to his survival.

In a move that may prompt claims that he is prepared to play the “Orange card” if he fails to win an overall majority in next year’s general election, the prime minister paid court to the party’s eight MPs, who could hold the balance of power in a hung parliament.

Cameron invited the DUP MPs, who make up the fourth largest party at Westminster, for drinks in the No 10 garden on Wednesday evening last week.

The subsequent reception in the garden, attended by the DUP’s MPs and Robinson, was held on the evening that Gerry Adams was arrested by police investigating the disappearance of Jean McConville in 1972.

The MPs were given the impression that Cameron was going out of his way to lay on the charm by allowing his children to play among the guests as drinks, including non-alcoholic ones for the teetotal drinkers, were served.”

So that is it. Peace in Ireland, 1998-2015, the date of the next British general election. It was fun while it lasted. Then it’s back to the good old days of Conservative Party rule in Britain and Unionist politicians and militants running amok in Ireland. Oh well, at least there will be plenty of work for the funeral industry. Not to mention religious fundamentalists, biblical creationists, homophobes and racists…


4 comments on “Bye-Bye Peace Process! Hello Orange World Order!

  1. Graham Ennis

    This is all very clear. The intelligence services and police are deliberately provoking the Republican movement and are now engaged in reneging on the Peace Agreement. This agreement was a state document, and was a full settlement. Now they are deliberately sabotaging it. Cameron quite obviously, due to his Anglo-centric public school racism, does not know or grasp in any way the cauldron he is boiling up. if this goes on, with threats against the republican veterans, and bad faith against the Nationalist community, it can have only one very grim outcome. This is deliberate. The UK establishment have decided to dump the Peace agreement it seems, and to try and set the clock back 50 years. OK, what can be done?….I think that political republicans in Stormont Assembly need to hold urgent internal discussions, and then call a general conference of non-unionist parties and organizations in the North, to discuss and decide what is to be done. Unless a collective Nationalist front is presented, and they make it very clear that power sharing and the Stormont Assembly are at risk, and can and will be boycotted by withdrawal, unless the Peace process is honoured by the UK government, then a disaster is almost certain. Unless something proactive like this is done, collapse of the assembly is inevitable anyway, in due course. The key is how far the Alliance and SDLP parties will go. If they become Quisling parties, taking part in a joint Government with the Unionists, with republicans abstaining, that is it. Violence is then inevitable. I mourn. However, the World has changed since 1968. The methods used by the UK military are not usable in the North without a huge international backlash. Also the EU would be dragged in. But a terrible . darkness could happen. God help Ireland.


  2. playing the orange card is to be expected in light of the trend in Scotland to vote yes for independence – let’s hope Ireland is a bit more savvy this time – after all we’ve been there, done that and got the t shirt. we don’t want another one!It can’t be all that difficult to avoid making the same mistake again.


    • Agreed.

      The idea of “Creationists” and the followers of Bishop Ussher with any hand – however distant – in the government of a major European nation-state is shameful.


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