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The All-Ireland Percentage Vote For The European Parliament 2014

The All-Ireland Percentage Vote For The European Parliament 2014. Parties generally perceived as “Nationalist” shown in Green, those generally perceived as “Unionist” shown in Orange.

Thought I’d show some of the figures for the All-Ireland vote for the European Parliament being discussed on the blog “We In Coming Days” (with thanks to the contributor Feckitt and SO’T). A useful reminder of the democratic reality on our island-nation which Britain’s imposition of partition continues to impede.

5 comments on “The All-Ireland Percentage Vote For The European Parliament 2014

  1. was going to re-blog that myself –
    working late and a lengthy phone call after I got home meant that Seamus got there first!!
    Interesting picture isn’t it?
    can only remind readers of a very early post of mine which seems particularly apt in the circumstances
    it’s as true now as when Bismarck said it!!


    • Apologies, saw the figures on BD’s blog and then on SO’T so thought I’d give it visual form.

      Fascinating stuff. It would certainly make for an interesting Dáil Éireann. The political designations are debatable of course. I’m sure the AP and NI21 would dispute “Unionist” just as the SP and PBP would dispute “Nationalist”. But gives a broad brushstroke of national allegiances if it came down to the line.

      The potential for alliances is interesting. Lot of political parties there that would benefit from coalescence or amalgamation.


  2. No apologies needed Seamus – Great minds and all that!
    didn’t see it on SOT – have rather given up on that site from some time ago

    Not sure NI21 still exists except for a lone councillor roaming round south belfast or lisburn!!
    Ditto for the Conservatives without the lone councillor I think

    As you say, it certainly should get some people thinking about alliances, which would entrench a certain “siege” mentality among people who are desperately grasping on to the “no consent” “triple lock”veto

    Can they stop the march of a nation?


    • My own belief is the day the referendum on Irish reunification yields a Yes vote in the north-east the barricades will go up in Belfast and elsewhere and the majority of Unionist MLAs, MPs and MEPs will be standing behind them. I simply don’t believe that the Unionist establishment will ever accept the outcome of a vote that they fundamentally disagree with or at least cannot tolerate however uneasily. Sadly…


  3. You are probably right but I think they have over-used their threats of violence – They’ll probably be left to fester like the twadell unCivil rights camp


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