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The Responses To The Boston Tapes’ Controversy

Further to the seemingly never-ending twists of the bitter Boston Tapes controversy one of the chief participants in the project, the former Republican activist and writer Anthony McIntyre, has been interviewed by Alfie Gallagher on the latter’s “Left from the West” blog. The two are friends and it perhaps shows in the (at times) less than challenging interview but it is still well worth a read. On a personal note I’ve been taken to task by those who feel aggrieved by the increasingly personal accusations and insults contained in the responses by Ed Moloney and Anthony McIntyre to their critics which I’ve linked to on ASF. I have a great deal of sympathy with those who have complained and the McIntyre-Gallagher interview contains more of the same (which, for the record I disagree with, including the linked views expressed elsewhere in the LftW post). However both individuals are under considerable strain (and none-too subtle threats) so I’m making some leeway for their sometimes belligerent responses. Nevertheless the denigration of others, from whatever camp, is merely muddying the waters on the greater issue of securing the archived interviews held at Boston College from the inquisitive grasp of the “RUC tendency” within the PSNI and its allies. That is the important thing here.

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