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God Damn You All

Children photographed in 1924 by the Connacht Tribune in Glenamaddy before the ‘Home’ moved to Tuam

Since the days of Thomas Davis and Michael Doheny, James Stephens and Charles Kickham, the adherents of Irish Republicanism have been the bêtes noires of the Roman Catholic Church. That is why the Vatican and its Irish hierarchy supported the counter-revolution of 1922-23 and the usurpation by the so-called Free State of the pluralist Republic established in the revolution of 1916 . Reading the Journal and its report on the discovery of a mass grave in a former children’s home controlled by an arm of the Catholic Church in Galway it is easy to see why:

“The death records for 796 children, ranging in age from newborn babies to children up to the age of nine, were discovered by local historian Catherine Corless who was researching the history of the home, which was run by the Bon Secours order of nuns from 1925 until 1961.

While the area was known locally as being a graveyard,  the extent of how many children were placed in the former septic tank was only discovered by Corless during her research.

She found that the children died of malnutrition and neglect, as well as illnesses such as measles, tuberculosis and pneumonia.

…a “large number” of unidentified remains were discovered in a water tank close to the home in the 1970s.

The skeletons of the children were discovered by two boys who were playing in a field in 1995.

The dead children were not buried in coffins and no gravestones mark the place where they were buried. The home was closed in the 1960s and then demolished and a housing estate now stands in its place.

The mortality rate at the home was significantly higher than it was for children generally at the time in Ireland: a Dáil debate in February 1934 noted that one in three children born outside of marriage died within one year of their birth – a rate which was about five times higher than for other children.

“From the abnormally high death rate amongst this class of children one must come to the conclusion that they are not looked after with the same care and attention as that given to ordinary children,” Fianna Fáil TD Dr Conn Ward told the Dáil.”

Sometimes one must be measured and thoughtful in one’s responses. However there are occasions when anger is the only justifiable response. This is such an occasion. For the Roman Catholic Church and all that it stands for – now or in the past – I feel nothing but complete and utter contempt. Those anti-republican ideologues and parties who dominate the Irish establishment are the very same ones who permitted this to happen even if they now act as if they and their political antecedence bore no part in it. They are as culpable as those who dumped the malnourished and broken bodies of babies and children into a hole in the ground, left there to rot nameless and forgotten.

God damn you all. God damn you to Hell.

13 comments on “God Damn You All

  1. i share your rage but damning the Catholic Church to hell will make no difference .

    The only thing that will make a difference is convincing people to walk – not go to mass, not have first communions etc, have registry office weddings or no weddings at all – no donations to catholic charities because we don’t know if they are doing the same things in Africa, Latin America or wherever they have “missions”. Evidence is certainly pointing that way
    Irish people should have the confidence and guts to react to such betrayal of their trust

    As for the defence argument “but there are/were so many “good” priests and nuns”.
    Maybe there are/were but they weren’t enough to stop the horrors.
    Maybe there were some nazis who objected to the holocaust, some hardline communists who objected to stalin’s purges. Tried to do their best
    We stll don’t excuse/justify the holocaust or the purges or support the regimes that carried them out.
    No one accepts that “a few bad apples” in the RUC created havoc. The force was disbanded because of its behaviour.

    Why are we still accepting the Catholic Church’s excuse of a “few bad apples” disguised as “some good uns”?


    • Very good points, Ben. I’ve gotten so dreadfully cynical that few things raise my ire any more but this particular story seems to represent everything that went wrong on this island nation from the moment Collins and co. signed their names to that damned treaty way back in 1921.

      Maybe a 32 county republic would have been borne in terrible bloodshed but would it have been any worse than what actually followed? A significant Protestant minority would hopefully have balanced and to some extent mitigated the overweening influence of the RCC. We wouldn’t have had a perfect state but we would have had one a lot better than the two dysfunctional crippled entities that emerged instead.


  2. Yes but no use looking back with regret and thinking what might/should/could have been.
    We have to play the cards we have been dealt today – and play them well


  3. I’m always amazed at the way Irish nationalists (including this blog apparently – I expected better) continue to swallow whole every accusation levelled at the Irish Catholic Church by the rabidly anti-nationalist Irish media and state class. If these forces lie about British rule in Ireland, the bankster takeover of what remained of our sovereignty, the EU, the War on Terror, the Surveillance state, and so on, why precisely are we supposed to believe what they say about the Church? It’s not as if these guys have demonstrated some deep seated concern over the abuse of children in the wider world. On the contrary when Elizabeth Windsor and her hubby visited Ireland three years ago, the British intelligence controlled media here fell over each other to fawn sickeningly over them, and studiously ignored the British royal family’s well documented close links to paedophile rings, including to American billionaire convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein (a story that had been exposed only weeks before the visit). These same media have likewise for decades ignored the close relations between pillars of the Unionist establishment and the Kincora Boys Home, not to mention the very strong evidence that pillars of the “mainland” British establishment such as Lord Mountbatten and Maurice Oldfield frequented this paedophile retreat.

    Nor have the same media that lambast the Catholic Church over paedophilia been exactly pro-active in investigating just how and why Jimmy Savile came to have such close relations with British royalty and with British prime ministers, including Mrs Thatcher, Tony Blair, and that highly dubious figure, Ted Heath. Around the time the Savile scandal broke, a prominent British Labour MP, Tom Watson, stated during Prime Minister Questions that there was evidence of paedophile rings stretching all the way to 10 Downing Street. In my naivety I fully expected this bombshell allegation to dominate the British news agenda for weeks, if not months. In fact, to my utter astonishment, it wasn’t even mentioned on BBC news bulletins that day. Likewise the media have more or less completely ignored statements made by former senior minister in the Thatcher government, Edwina Currie, that her colleague in that government, the late Sir Peter Morrison, was a known paedophile, and that this was widely known about at Westminster and “sniggered” over. Another former Tory MP, Rod Richards has corroborated Currie’s allegations.

    Two wrongs don’t make a right of course, but one wrong endlessly dwelt upon, while another is completely ignored, do make a disgusting hypocrite. Several Irish Protestants, including the journalist Victoria White, and the campaigner Derek Leinster, have publicly queried why the Irish media completely ignore the many cases of child abuse in Irish Protestant institutions and schools. Perhaps the Protestant churches well known connections to insider Anglo-Irish institutions such as the Freemasons explain the discrepancy in coverage.

    By the way before anyone gets on their liberal high horse, I’m no uncritical admirer of the institutional Catholic Church. I believe its collusion with British imperialism, the EU, the City of London takeover of what remains of our sovereignty and so on have often been shameful, and continue to be so. But these are precisely the issues which our British intelligence controlled media NEVER take the Church to task over – precisely because the Church sings from the same globalist/Unionist songbook as they do on such matters. I’d make an analogy here between the Anglo- Irish media’s endless focus on the murder of Jean McConville, Enniskillen,Warrington, and so on, while the Shankill Butchers, Greysteel, and the Dublin and Monaghan bombings have been consigned to the Orwellian memory hole. If nationalists can’t see the same type of implicit anti-Irish racist agenda at work in much of the coverage relating to Catholic crimes they’re not really paying very close attention.


    • Some things may have been blotted from the pages of history but ASF makes every attempt to recover them for a new generation of Irish people (and beyond) so that they may discover the history that led us to where we are now as a nation.

      I am an atheist, and to be honest I have little time for any of the desert religions beyond the positive cultural contributions they have made in terms of art, literature and, yes, some important social changes.

      I am every bit as critical of other Christian faiths as the Roman Catholic one. Islam, Judaism and others have not escaped my ire either.

      I am perhaps not the best person to comment on matters of RCC interference in our affairs. In general I find it deplorable. In general I prefer if Christianity had never been imported to this island nation. The whole sorry mess makes me too angry.


    • Whilst there is an anti republican agenda concerning the media etc i dont see that as relevant with this story. If irish people committed wrongs then it should be said. The treatment of these bodies is a great shame on all of us and i believe it there will be more shameful episodes to come. Republicans shouldnt be daunted at criticism of what catholic institutions were involved in. You dont need to be a cathoilc to be a republican.
      As for the deafening silence and british society’s cover up of the established child abuse by the great and the good in the UK it is also shocking. Perhaps even more shocking than any scandal that ever came out of ireland. However the silence of the irish media to the child abuse you alluded to demonstrates how far the tentacles of british imperialism stretch in ireland; some think their influence stops at the border. The reality is the british ways and interests are well established in the media in the south.
      The plastic paddies who fawn after obama,elizabeth battenburg etc are the very people who would want to ignore this story; the same people who ignore the national question of unification. If this makes them uncomfortable then so be it. I have a rule that i tell my kids: be wary of someone who is always smiling and always nice, they are probably masking a wicked side to them or else they are on drugs! Thats how i view the plastic paddies that are endlessly paraded by west brit media-always smiling and always nice but behind the scenes they are probably as bad as jimmy savile and his followers.


      • Wolfe Tone: you offer no evidence to support your assertion that the “plastic paddies” who fawn over the Battenburgs are the very same people who want to bury this story. The evidence is overwhelmingly the other way. RTE, The Irish Times, The Sunday Indo and so on avidly run with every anti-Catholic story, including this one, and as I have pointed out before, bury similar stories relating to their Masonic cohorts. That’s the real issue. A British alternative researcher has come up with a very pertinent rule of thumb: every scandal the mainstream media devote saturation coverage to, is by definition, a globalist psy-op. That goes for the expenses scandal in Britain, the hacking scandal, and so on. The former was a ploy to get rid of rebellious older MPs and smooth the way for the shiny new Tory/Libdem coalition, the latter was designed to abolish whatever remnants of a free press remained in Britain. The same rule of thumb also goes for the tribunals in this country, which basically succeeded in laying all the blame for political corruption at the door of Dublin 4 hate figures such as Haughey, Liam Lawlor. I’ve lost count of the number of people I’ve met over the years who parrot the Sunday Indo/RTE line that it was Fianna Fail builders who brought the (completely manufactured) banking crisis upon us. I’m no fan of FF, but how very convenient for the City of London swindlers, the Goldman Sachs, the Bilderbergers, the Trilateralists and so on, to have such a gullible population, whom they can rip off and enslave at will, all the while blaming it on a few minor crooks among the target population.

        Media generated scandals have two purposes: (1) they’re designed to divert attention from the real scandals going on here and now (for example while the Anglo-Irish media and their Leinster House wax indignant over this story they remain utterly silent about the use of Irish airports to send American forces on their way to bomb innocent Iraqi and Afghan children by the thousands) and two, they’re designed to portray the mainstream media as heroic fighters against “corruption in the establishment”


        • Colm j: I don’t disagree with the points you have made but I still believe these stories should be disclosed and confronted just like other scandals that have been successfully smothered by other governments and institutions eg the jersey care home scandal. Unfortunately these so called brave journalists that prance around believing their own importance neglect to tackle these issues in case it angers Cameron,Obama etc. It’s much easier and safer to ‘expose’ stories that are hand fed to them by govt advisors and their ilk. It’s much easier to cover stories that the ruling class don’t like either and where the people they write about have little power to challenge you, hence constant demonisation of Irish republicanism, the church for example.
          If the documenting of these accounts of Catholic Churches scandals annoys people so much that they decide to dig the dirt on some of actors behind the onslaught on Catholicism ie the English owned Irish newspapers in Ireland for example, then that can only be a good thing. If people decide to push,lobby and document the child abuse scandals in Britain as a way of pushing back the ‘anti irish’ agenda then that can only be a good thing in my opinion.
          The British establishment is rotten to the core and yet the great and the good of Ireland continue to not only ignore this fact but they also expect and tell us to ignore it too. They constantly tell us to ‘move on’ and imply we are dinosaurs if we don’t like the royal mafia and its cronies. The Irish church and state have been regular apologists for Britain in Ireland over the years and if they now feel their friends in Britain have it in for them now then so be it. The sooner they play their enemy at its own game the sooner things will move on; that’s as soon as they realise who their enemy is.


          • Wolfe Tone: Thanks for your reply. I agree with most of what you say. My point is that we should all be wary of accepting at face value ANYTHING that comes from the corporate mainstream media. The “Irish” Daily Mail is an anti-Irish rag, clearly filled to the brim with shills for the British intelligence agenda of belittling everything Irish, thereby demoralising Irish self-esteem to such an extend that the people will acquiesce in returning to official British colony status, via the Commonwealth. The same applies to the other supposedly “native” media such as RTE, the Sunday Indo, the Irish Times and TV3. The official proof that the alleged “free and independent” media is no such thing is immense – but I’ll give just one example. A few years ago it was revealed that the whole of the British media, from the Guardian, the BBC and Channel 4 on the alleged “left”, to the Telegraph and the Daily Mail on the alleged “right” all agreed to a British Ministry of Defence request to suppress information that Prince Harry was serving in Afghanistan. The international media, including the Irish, likewise colluded in this suppression of basic information – information they were all fully aware of. In fact the story only broke eventually via the Drudge Report. When the suppression was exposed, the media justified it on the grounds that revealing Harry’s whereabouts might endanger his life and that of his fellow British soldiers (thereby presumably interfering with their slaughter of innocent Afghans). Almost no one in the British media raised any concerns about this suppression – even though it made a complete mockery of their claim that their vocation is independent fact finding. How can such media even pretend to objectively report on what’s happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Northern Ireland or anywhere else, when they’re compromised to this extent, from the word go?


  4. Look into the “Residential Schools” in Canada and the US. (or even British kids being sent to residential schools in Australia) The RCC and the Anglicans (and other Prods) are equally guilty of systematic child theft, rape, and murder. SYSTEMATIC, no bad apples, SYSTEMATIC. This is colonialism. The RCC in Ireland was the “first” colonization. Anglo-colonization was secondary. Neither are better or worse.

    However, when it comes to Ireland and Republicanism, the elephant in the room is the RCC. How Ireland is decolonized from the RCC?. Well, God only knows. But this cannot be a taboo subject if our poor wee Island is to every truly see the light of day.

    I appreciate you willingness to fight the real enemies 😉


    • With respect I think the power of the Catholic Church in Ireland even in the De Valera has been greatly exaggerated, often for vulgar propagandistic effect. Until well into the 1960s most of the large businesses and banks in Ireland were run by Protestants. In fact Guinesses, Merville Dairies, and so on continued anti-Catholic employment practices until well into that decade. And the Government of Ireland Act explicitly excluded the Freemasons from laws forbidding secret societies.

      Also the Scandinavian countries shouldn’t escape mention in all of this – they forcibly sterilised women for such offences as perceived excessive drinking or sexual promiscuity, or even in some cases, for the heinous crime of wearing glasses. That was social Darwinism taken to quite an extreme.


    • I could add in there, Cathasaigh, some of the cases from Australia and New Zealand and the dreadful treatment of indigenous peoples in pastoral care there. Then there is the Rwandan Genocide and the Vatican’s complicity: The Catholic church must apologise for its role in Rwanda’s genocide. 1994 was not 1924 or ’34. A truly tarnished organisation.


  5. These scandals are a legacy of the cancerous rule by ‘Perfidious Albion’ it shows how british rule was barbaric and therefore led to more deaths even after changing the flag in 1922….


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