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DUP, the Party for Northern Ireland (suicide-bombers, shirt-lifters and bog-trotters need not apply!)
DUP, the Party for Northern Ireland (suicide-bombers, shirt-lifters and bog-trotters need not apply!)

The legacy of British faith- and race-based colonialism right here in Europe, right here in Ireland. From The Impartial Reporter newspaper:

“THE new Chairman of Fermanagh District Council, Bert Johnston believes First Minister Peter Robinson “has shown good leadership” despite his remarks on Muslims sparking controversy…

Mr. Johnston, a long-standing member of the Democratic Unionist Party, said he supported his party leader’s “right to free speech” after he defended James McConnell who described Islam as “heathen” and “Satanic” in a service at his Belfast church.

In an interview with The Impartial Reporter, the DUP veteran said the comments by Pastor McConnell, which police are investigating as “a hate crime motive”, did not anger him…

“I don’t show respect to the Islamic faith,” added Mr. Johnston, “I am a Christian. I don’t show respect to something I don’t believe in. You are trying to lead me into a path that I should show respect to something I don’t believe in,” he said, adding: “But I do not condone any attacks on anybody that is a Muslim or Hindiu or any other religion.”

When asked if that included gay people after he once told this newspaper “Homosexuality is obnoxious to our holy God and gay marriage is very sad,” Mr. Johnston said: “If somebody comes to me and has a problem I will not ask them their sexual orientation”.

But asked what message his previous comments sent out, the Council Chairman said: “It might send out a message to warn them that they [gay people] are sinners that need to be saved.”

“Yes, they are sinners,” he added, “I base that on that they were born in sin. It is not me who said it – it is the Bible.”

Asked how he would be reaching out to those in our society who speak Irish, the Council Chairman said: “I’ll not be speaking Irish, I don’t intend to go down that road of learning the Irish language.

“I wouldn’t have much reaching out for a start because most people speak English. I think there would be very few people in Fermanagh that speak Irish. I have no problem getting on with people who speak Irish as long as they don’t speak it to me because I wouldn’t be able to understand it.”

Mr. Johnston’s role as Chairman of Fermanagh District Council continues until April 2015 when the new Fermanagh and Omagh District Council begins.”

If you are a Moslem man or woman, a gay man or woman or an Irish-speaking man or woman it seems that Fermanagh will be a very cold house indeed over the next year or so. God help you if you are all three…!

[With thanks to @MisneachNYC, @ClubLeabharNYC and others]

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