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In Support Of A Reunited Brittany

Support the Reunification of Brittany

In 1941 the Vichy regime in France ordered the partition of the north-western Celtic nation of Brittany as part of administrative restructuring during its collaborationist rule with the Nazis. Nearly a fifth of the territory of the Bretons, including the historic capital city of Nantes, was incorporated into an artificial region called Pays de la Loire. Despite repeated promises that the changes imposed by the Vichy dictatorship would be undone the French state continues to uphold the divisions created during the mid-20th century and is now in the process of reinforcing them for the 21st century. The people of Brittany are fighting this policy of divide-and-rule from Paris with a major campaign of demonstrations across the country as highlighted in this recent post from the blog of the Wessex Regionalists. While we in Ireland have the Fearg le Dearg or “Red with Anger” movement fighting for the civil rights of those who identify with our indigenous language and culture in Brittany they have Bonnets Rouges or the “Red Caps”, a similar protesting force. The centuries of institutional discrimination by the French state towards the Breton people must be confronted head on and Brittany must be reunited.

4 comments on “In Support Of A Reunited Brittany

  1. Wow – the French still have political divisions instituted by the Nazis. Just when you think you’ve heard it all …

    • Some of them we temporarily withdrawn in the 1950s but the one in Brittany was later reimposed “coincidentally” around the period of the push for greater autonomy in Brittany. Which of course was the driving force for the original division by the Vichy French.

  2. Didn’t some breton nationalists collaborate with the nazis e.g. Celestine Laine? I’m sure most didn’t but I would love your opinion on this question/………………….

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