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Suffer the Children

A view on the shocking revelations about the late and once highly respected SF author Marion Zimmer Bradley. It says it better than I could…


This morning was a very disillusioning one full of debate and controversy. It began with the sickening news of one of my literary inspirations being a real life monster. It has transformed into a conversation about whether or not people can separate the person from the art – and whether or not we should. It is an interesting argument and I believe being able to do so indicates a useful yet troubling skill borne of personal detachment, distance, and denial. Many disagree with me and say that the art in the world should stand on its own merit – regardless of the personality of its creator. In many instances I agree but I draw the line at child abuse. That is a hard line for me – and knowing that one of my idols was busy destroying her female child while she created a world of feminist heroines is truly…

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  1. This shocking tragedy has been the week’s discussion within several communities I belong to. Just this same week an article I wrote for an American academic journal, Coreopsis, just came out. It’s titled “Alarm in the Pagan Community: for the Protection of the Children,” and though I wrote it for my own community, the content is relevant to anyone, and any organization, caring and creating programs for children. The link is here: I hope there is healing for Marian’s daughter and for the others whom her parents also molested and abused directly or indirectly. I am heartened to see that this issue which I thought might remaiin n a somewhat local conversation is being discussed internationally. The more we can openly talk about child molestation and start implimenting policies and raising awareness to protect our children, the safer they will actually be. As a general question, whether people can in this case value an author’s work apart from the author herself doesn’t seem universally answerable. Perhaps time resolves such conflicts for us, generally. Given my history and what I take to be most important, I don’t think it is possible for me to make the distinction in this case. If it’s possible to grow and heal in the world beyond, this is what I wish for Marian and her husband.


    • It’s the Michael Jackson question, again, I suppose. The man versus his art. In his case I find it very hard to separate both. The only reason Jackson is still held in some regard, aside from his genuine musical influence and impact, is the cash cow he was and still is. Money makes a lot of people turn a blind eye. No matter the circumstances. The venal human condition 😦


    • Shocking case, even more so because it seems now (in retrospect) to have been so widely suspected.


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