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A Sickness At The Heart Of Britishness

The once much-lauded British Unionist militant and notorious paedophile William McGrath photographed in his regalia as a
The once much-lauded British Unionist militant and notorious paedophile William McGrath photographed in his regalia as a “chaplain” of the Orange Order. Throughout the 1970s he procured the “ritualised” abuse of children for suspected members of the British military, police, judiciary, government and aristocracy

As Britain witnesses the revelations of a decades old culture of institutionalised paedophilia and sexual abuse within the heart of the state (seemingly encompassing the BBC, the lower and upper houses of parliament, the judiciary, the police and intelligence services, the “aristocracy”, and past – and possibly current – governments in London) it is worth remembering how the conflict in the north-east of Ireland was exploited to feed the baser vices of the ruling elites in our neighbouring island. The Blether Region, which normally focuses on issues relating to the Irish, Scottish and Scots English languages, has done an exemplary job in reminding us of the squalid nexus of sectarianism, terrorism, money and power as represented by the infmaous Kincora Boys Home Scandal. For ten years the “reverend” William McGrath, a fanatically anti-Catholic member of the Orange Order in Belfast, the founder of a would-be terror gang, a Far Right conspirator, and a believer in the myth of the Lost Tribes of Israel, worked with others in the 1970s to supply a chain of boys and youths for the “ritualised” pleasures of fellow Unionist leaders, members of the British armed forces, the intelligence services, and senior government officials (elected and otherwise). The list of those possibly involved seems to grow with every passing week as more information comes to light, primarily through the efforts of a few honest campaigners in Britain, and now Ireland, with the British news media lagging well behind (you can assume your own reasons for that). The latest post is here and should be read by all those concerned with just how incredibly dirty the “Dirty War” really was. Beyond even the reckoning of most of its protagonists.

When politics and religion, fantasies and ravings, are mixed together this is the result.

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  1. it’s a horrible story which I looked at a little when I was exploring the effects Ian Paisley had on society in NI at the time of his interview with Eamonn Mallie . All in all, a sickening group of people


    • Added that link in to the post above. A story so grotesque it reads at times like a Dan Brown novel, filled with religious, political and pseudo-academic aranca. The whole British-Israelites, Irish-Scots links may come to the fore yet if any investigative journalist has the courage to pursue.


      • john cronin

        Would be interested to see An Sionnach’s take on Gerry Adams getting Liam a job at the youth club….also his opinion of Gerry senior. One wonders what else will come out here…Adams family values, eh?


        • If you follow the links provided in this and other posts you will see that the references are not restricted to the Unionist community alone. However Kincora was largely – if not entirely – a Unionist/British affair existing in the establishment heart of both. What we can hope is that the truth can come out, whomever it implicates.


  2. It shows how the ‘tuam’ scandals originated as a result of british rule folks


  3. This is getting weird even for me. I’m having trouble distinguishing between what is actually happening (in a legal sense) and what seem to be verging on “conspiracy theories.” Have you seen what this group is up to?:

    Some Jesuit called Adolfo Pachon just resigned and the Papacy seems threatened, Scotland my dissolve Britain, and the British establishment is being outed for child abuse on par with the Vatican. OK, duh.

    But is there any vetted, respectable media on this that isn’t also talking a bout “aliens” or “satanism” also????

    Are the Crown and the Vatican staring to crumble, or am I really daydreaming??


    • It is going all very “Dan Brown” is it not? The conspiracy theories of 1970s British journalism and acdemia seem somehow to have perceived more truth than not. The likes of Colin Wallace, Stalker, etc who were once dismissed out of hand now seem to have been right all along. Or at least most of the time. It is all very much cabalistic Britain.


      • “Eyes Wide Shut” meets “The Ninth Gate”; or Ninth Circle if you will. I’ve been involved in sexual assault survivor support, and the stories I’ve heard over and again point directly to more “Dan Brown”ness than I care to talk about. The Mayor, the Sheriff, the Clergy. Funny thing is, it would appear that this is the only way to get into a position of power in the first place. Does power corrupt, or is it the other way around? Frat boys all. A fine example of non-sectarian collaboration, isn’t it!?


  4. here’s what one working-class englishman thinks of the top-level paedophile ring/s


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