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Charlie Flanagan and Ireland’s Green Light To Israel

Where are the Irish statesmen and diplomats with the wisdom and vision of a Seán MacBride or a Frank Aiken? We are left with fools and charlatans…

Cunning Hired Knaves

Charlie Flanagan Charlie Flanagan

On Wednesday, Ireland, along with the rest of the member countries from the European Union, abstained from voting on a UN Human Rights Council resolution to establish a Commission of Inquiry to investigate war crimes in Gaza. An initial statement from the European Union countries was issued, and then Ireland released a supplementary statement outlining its particular reasons for abstaining.

On Thursday, Ireland’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Patricia O’Brien, appeared on RTE’s News at One radio programme. She gave a lengthy explanation of the diplomatic considerations behind the decision to abstain. It was a strange appearance. You might wonder why a diplomat should be giving an account to the public of an abstention that ultimately reflected the government’s political viewpoint. The crucial part of Ireland’s cited decision to abstain –the feeling that the resolution did not give adequate condemnation to rocket fire from Gaza- did not…

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4 comments on “Charlie Flanagan and Ireland’s Green Light To Israel

  1. john cronin

    “Where are the Irish statesmen and diplomats with the wisdom and vision of a Seán MacBride or a Frank Aiken? ”

    Would this be the same McBride who accepted the Lenin Prize, and destroyed Noel Browne’s career and his attempt to bring in the Mother & Child scheme with the words…

    “Even if, as Catholics, we were prepared to take the responsibility of disregarding [the Hierarchy’s] views, which I do not think we can do, it would be politically impossible to do so . . . We are dealing with the considered views of the leaders of the Catholic Church to which the vast majority of our people belong; these views cannot be ignored.”

    I thought one of the reasons you excoriated John Redmond so much was that he was against the separation of Church & State.

    Also, would this be the same Frank Aiken who murdered a dozen Protestant civilians in cold blood in 1922?

    Interesting choice of heroes.


    • The catholic church always opposed irish nationalism and republicanism as pointed out many times on this blog so quit spouting crap and educate yourself or look a big fool…..


    • The same MacBride who founded Amnesty International and the same Aiken who defied critics at home and abroad by defending the independence of small nations during the Cold War while promoting the primacy of international law and diplomacy.

      Two great choices.


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