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Howth Gunrunning Ladies

Choosing the Green

100 years ago exactly, a large shipment of arms landed in Ireland. It took the actions of extraordinary women to accomplish the Howth Gun Running scheme of 1914 in Ireland. One, Alice Stopford Green, gave a loan to have the capital for negotiations. Two more, Molly Childers and Mary Spring Rice, raised the rest of the funds to purchase the weapons. They were transported on the Childer’s family yacht – The Asgard – and the two women sailed proudly with them. This is not to say that they did it alone but without the actions of these women, this large landing of arms destined for the hands of the Irish Volunteers may never have happened.

Many of the weapons smuggled in that day were used in the Easter Rising  of 1916. Though the rising was not yet being actively planned, the Ulster Volunteers had been arming themselves and doing a…

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4 comments on “Howth Gunrunning Ladies

  1. Christopher Fogarty

    Alice Stopford Green also co-edited, supplied the many illustrations, and wrote the preface of her husband’s 4-volume “A Short History of the English People” (1894), a most impressive work. Among such major historical works about England it is unique in not being anti-Irish. An original set is on a shelf of my personal library.  Am surprised to learn that Alice became “pro-treaty.”  Chris


  2. Rifles were landed down in Kilcoole aswell. there is a very good commemoration event this weekend in the village.


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