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The Wee Blue Book

Albain (Scotland)
The Wee Blue Book, the Scottish referendum fact-guide from Wings Over Scotland Íomhá: WoS)

Like myself many readers of An Sionnach Fionn are interested in the upcoming independence referendum in Scotland so I thought I’d post some links to the “Wee Blue Book”, the much anticipated pro-sovereignty fact-guide by the excellent website Wings Over Scotland. By all accounts it has already been a great success and certainly judging by the online reactions on various social media it is having the desired effect in getting the Yes message out to undecided voters. I’m tempted to produce something myself along the lines of providing factual information in relation to Irish rights and countering the propaganda of the many anglophone partisans who dominate the news media in Ireland.

In any case here are the main links to the “Wee Blue Book”. As you can see it is available in several formats. This is how you do political activism in the 21st century:




EBOOK FORMATS (epub, Kindle etc).

Mirror 1:

Smartphone/tablet edition

Desktop/laptop edition

Home printing edition

Kindle edition (.mobi)

Ebook edition (.epub)

Ebook edition (.lrf)

Ebook edition (.pdb)

4 comments on “The Wee Blue Book

  1. Ceannaire

    ASF – you doing one of these would be epic.

    • Time to do it would be the thing. I love the idea on WoS of using business-style cards as flyers with the QR code. Imagine mailing something similar through the door of every house in Ireland.

  2. An excellant summary IMO. Covers all the important arguments in just enough detail and with references to sources. It also shows up the English for the barefaced liars they’ve always been.

    • I have to say I’m very impressed by WoS. For all the criticisms it receives and the occasional fumbles or faux pas it is still head and shoulders the most active and influential Yes website. Despite being pretty much a one-man operation.

      The fact-guide is a very professional and well thought-out publication. Genuinely envious of the time the WoS team had to devote to it and the referendum campaign in Scotland in general.

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