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Scotland To Say Yes?

Latest YouGov poll on Scottish independence

Within the margin of error but given two years of unrelenting attacks by the British political and media establishment it is something altogether remarkable. And even a little bit inspiring. Albain Abú!

8 comments on “Scotland To Say Yes?

  1. This would be the biggest political shock in British politics since – well – I cant think of a greater political shock at all. Perhaps the first Labour government in the 1920s – but presumably that was partially expected.

    The odds are narrowing on Paddy Power – I still cant believe it will happen. I’m off to Scotland next week for a meeting – and if the ‘impossible’ which has now become the ‘possible’ turns into reality I’m going back for the party.

    Alex is an absolute star to have navigated to this point – I was sure he would be humiliated by the result – now Cameron is the one who will surely have to dive on his sword – if the good guys win.

    Gwan Alex.


  2. I am not really a partying or celebratory person, but I said to everyone that I know, that should Scotland gain independence, I will be out celebrating- I don’t think another country’s affairs have ever been so important to me!


  3. Yeah, if the yes vote goes through, I may just paint myself with woad and run screaming through the streets here in Oregon


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