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Joan Burton Burns Rubber

An officer of the Garda Public Order Unit or riot squad, An Garda Síochána, Ireland
Give me that smartphone, ye damned sinister fringe!

Talking of unfinished revolutions we learn this evening that Joan Burton, Tánaiste, minster for social protection and Labour Party leader, was delayed in her car during a visit to Tallaght with dozens of Gardaí – including members of the Public Order Unit or riot squad – standing between her and several hundred anti-water tax protesters. After two hours of back-and-forth negotiations between the demonstrators, opposition politicians, gardaí and government officials, not to mention a quick car change, the minister was able to make a high-speed exit, burning rubber up the motorway.

Even the mightiest of foes can succumb to death by a thousand cuts as the Fine Oibre regime will discover come the next general election. And as they are discovering right here and now…

4 comments on “Joan Burton Burns Rubber

  1. as the Fine Oibre regime will discover come the next general election.
    Are you going to vote for Fianna Fail again?


    • Good question, Jānis. At the moment the next general election for me is:

      1) Sinn Féin
      2) Socialist Party
      3) AAA
      4) Independent?
      5) …?

      It could well change before that though. If I were to vote FF it would be well down the line – and certainly wouldn’t happen if I thought we’d get a FG-FF coalition.


  2. ar an sliabh

    Oh, in reading this again, I see they were water protesters. I thought they were just regular folks who happened to come upon her by coincidence. I figured the level of her popularity caused the rest.


  3. Martin anthony

    she should not be charging for water in the first place


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