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Plenty Of Sinister Fringes To Go Around

Britain's death squads in Ireland
Britain's death squads in Ireland
Britain’s death squads in Ireland – will justice ever catch up with the killers?

From a report by the “Irish” Sunday People newspaper in July 2004:

“At least three Garda officers in the scandal-hit force in Donegal were secret agents for British military intelligence, The Irish People can reveal.

Garda Special Branch detectives have launched a secret probe into finding the to date un-named moles who supplied intelligence on IRA suspects directly to the shadowy British Army outfit, the Force Research Unit.

The officers were paid for their work for the British side – but always claimed they carried out the work to help defeat the Provos at a time when it was claimed that some Garda officers weren’t doing all they could to stop the IRA. We understand that a secret team of Branch detectives have now been tasked with finding those moles.

The probe comes after the Morris Tribunal slammed two senior Garda officers for faking arms finds in order to boost their careers in the 1990s. Detective Garda Noel McMahon is to be asked to resign by Garda Commissioner Noel Conroy. He and Superintendent Kevin Lennon had been suspended during the inquiry by Mr Justice Morris into allegations of corruption and now face being booted off the force.

It is understood the first objective will be to officially rule out any foreign dimension in the Lennon/McMahon affair. The bogus arms finds caused confusion in the ranks of the IRA at the time because quarter masters of local units knew the explosives didn’t belong to them.

The Provos conducted a number of inquiries and we understand they concluded the ‘finds’ were the work of an official Garda dirty tricks operation designed specifically to hit IRA morale.

The special Garda unit set up to probe British moles in the force has a number of suspects. They have been going through the personal finances of several officers with a fine tooth comb.

Justice Minister Michael McDowell has been kept informed of the moles probe.

It’s known that Garda officers working for the British security services would have received large cash rewards.

The Irish People understands that in the late 1980s and early 1990s the FRU rated Garda officers at the top end of the payments scale.

An officer providing regular information on republicans could expect at least £200 per week as a retainer. He would then get substantial cash bonuses of anything up to £5,000 for top grade information. On average, Garda officers working for the FRU could bring in an extra £25k to £40k on top of their salary.

Responsibility for hiding that cash so as not to arouse suspicions rested with the informers – but the FRU would often help set up foreign bank accounts that couldn’t be traced by the Irish authorities.

At least four senior Gardaí are expected to be dismissed or resign as a result of corruption.”

In light of the above allegations – and numerous others – you might well ask how many Gardaí have been charged with espionage offences over the last ten years? To which the answer is zero.

And just in case you think a press article from 2004 represents ancient history remember the 2012 allegations made by the Irish and British media’s favourite “super-spy” Ian Hurst (pseudonym Martin Ingrams). In sworn testimony to the Smithwick Tribunal the chameleon Hurst stated that members of An Garda Síochána, Óglaigh na hÉireann (Defence Forces Ireland), the Revenue Commissioners and several high profile politicians acted as spies for the British Intelligence services. In fact he claimed that one grouping in particular, the notorious Force Research Unit (associated with the 1989 assassination of the Irish human rights’ lawyer Pat Finucane), had established a network of agents and bases across our island nation during the 1980s and ’90s. Unsurprisingly when the news media were reporting on the minutiae of Ian Hurst’s testimony to Smithwick back in 2012 they largely omitted those particular claims. Along with some other, slightly more awkward facts.

However don’t worry. These are the folk now entrusted with rooting out the “sinister fringe” of the anti-austerity movement. What could possibly go wrong?

21 comments on “Plenty Of Sinister Fringes To Go Around

  1. The IRA pieces of shit murdered at least 16 gardaí.
    So it’s not surprising that some of them wanted to inform on the IRA.

    And the IRA is an illegal organisation here in Ireland too.

    • When you see what the cops did to the protestors in Mayo against Shell.
      You have to figure they shot the wrong ones.

      • ar an sliabh

        There are still many feuds that go back to darker times. You will find much of the killing, if not committed by those who turned into rogue criminals (which hardly qualifies the act as one associated with their political affiliation), has some connection to those times. You will find that holding a grudge is a common pastime in this country.

    • Jānis, they didn’t murder “at least 16” gardaí or anything like it. Five members of An Garda Síochána were killed by (P)IRA between 1969 and 2005 (that is 5 deaths across a span of 36 years of guerilla operations). A sixth garda was killed when he crossed the border into Fermanagh and tripped an IED intended for the British Occupation Forces. Stop reading the Sunday Independent. It will only rot your brain.

      • john cronin

        Er, yes it was 16.

        • Jānis claimed that “at least 16” members of An Garda Síochána were murdered by the (Provisional) IRA from December 1969 to July 2005? Care to name all 16?

      • guerilla operations
        More like – a bloodthirsty murder campaign. They are total psychopaths who don’t care about human life and they proved it many many times when they killed and maimed hundreds of innocent civilians.
        (And I don’t support murders of British soldiers and police officers too)

        • Nonsense. The (P)IRA was no more blood-thirsty than the Latvian partisans of the 1940s-’50s. And certainly not “total psychopaths”.

          On the issue of civilian fatalities, under 650 civilian deaths resulted from (P)IRA operations between 1969-2005. An average of 18 civilians killed each year across 36 years (though 18 too many!). In contrast the British Occupation Forces killed an average of 5 civilians a year for the same period while the British Terror Factions inflicted 16 civilian deaths per annum. Since the British Forces, regular and irregular, were mutually supportive one might as well argue that the British average was 22 civilian deaths inflicted per year of conflict.

          I don’t mind people having strong opinions, even ideological ones, but lets have the facts to back those opinions up.

          • What else can you think of idiots who blow up bombs in the middle of civilian areas?
            – Hey lads, I’ve got a few kilos of Semtex!
            – Nice, let’s blow them up right in the middle of the town centre, what’s the worst that could happen?

            • Janis The British Used Heavy artillery and airstrikes by Harrier Jump Jets. In Afghan villages.
              Here’s a link to a story in the UK indpendent paper.
              So, Read it and tell me that the British are “idiots” for what they did?
              And pray tell what has befallen these Brit idiots????

              The Book by Dr Mike Martin was needless to say banned by the MoD for a while.
              And here’s a quote from the article.
              Tell me what you think. Will you?
              “…. For example, the British dropped 18,000lbs of explosive (say, 25 airstrikes) on Now Zad that summer and flattened the bazaar…..!


              • Yes they are idiots because they followed that imbecile Bush and participated in his idiotic Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
                Wasted thousands of lives and did not really achieve anything there.
                (Saddam was a son of a bitch of course, but ISIS are much worse)

                I made the right choice by not enlisting and I’m still alive unlike those idiots who wanted to participate in that war and fight for god knows what (to secure oil for Cheney’s private company most likely).

                Still – two wrongs does not make a right and the IRA definitely lost whatever moral high ground they had in the beginning of the conflict. (If you want to call that conflict “war” then you also must call the IRA “War criminals”)

  2. john cronin

    Well, if it’s in the Sunday People, it must be true…

    • Yes yes..And you are more comfortable with reading Paul Williams of the West Brit Indepedent who seems to suffer from a lack of adjectives when everytime he types in the Word Garda it must be preceded by the word brave.. almost like a tourettes sufferer.
      This is how you like your tools of the state described, I take it.
      Or maybe you prefer Jim Cusack who seems to make up his stories.
      His story about Israel helping out the Irish UN soldiers was bizarre in terms of nobody else confirmed it or reported on it.
      And the fact that Israel regards the UN and the Blue Beret forces as been the facilitors of Hezbollah on the UNIFIL mission.
      The Israelisd hate the UN mission so much. that I tend to believe Cusack is a shill for Mossad or at least some Friends of Israel type front.
      Either way happy reading!!!!!!!!!

      • john cronin

        Relevance? as my tutors used to scribble on my more irrelevant musings.

        • Quite simply you questioned the media that the story came from.
          I was highlighting the work of seemingly your preferred comic ahem newspaper of choice the west brit independent or Oirish Independent.
          Where Paul Williams and Jim Cusack hero worship and brown nose your state guardians.
          No doubt you are more comfortable with that rag than this Sunday people rag, which I have no heard of before.

    • If was about Gerry Adams would you question it? 😉

  3. ar an sliabh

    This is a really touchy subject. Many of those hurt are still alive, Much of the bad blood is still around, and it is often hard to really understand who is betraying whom, and for what reason. Breen the untold story, for example, is just a small glimpse into just that detail. When family is involved, many don’t care what they have to do to get back at those who have done them wrong, even when it means a deal with the devil. This is all such deep and murky water that even those in the middle can’t see all of the connections. Like everywhere, most police officers do the right thing and it’s those who have an ulterior agenda you have to beware of (they’ll throw you into a ditch for an oil company). “Sinister fringes” is a great title. Someone is going to steal it for the title of a book about this.

    • john cronin

      I was born in London. My father was from Kerry. My mother was from Cavan. Her pa ws the Garda sgt in Ballyconnell, a mile south of the border. His brother was the Garda sgt in Monaghan, a few miles down the road. They came from Antrim, and like a lot of Northern Catholics, moved south after 1922: same as many southern Protestants moved north.

      Their father was a Sinn Fein activist in Antrim.

      My father who died in 08 at the age of 80 – had an uncle who fought at the Headford ambush in Co Kerry for the IRA: look it up – he also had two othr uncs: PJronin and Richard O’Neill – who were officers in the R.I.C. Patrick Cronin and Richard O’Neill were pulled out of Ireland in 1922, – for obvious reasons – and ended up in the colonial police in Hong Kong. Richard O’Neill had a son who became a doctor (no, I dunno where they got the money for med school either: probably from beating bribes out of the folks in Hong Kong) and went into the RAMC:Royal Army Medical Corps: came out of the British Army in 47: became a GP in St Helens Lancs: he had a son, Brendan O’Neill, who became the Chairman of ICI.

      • ar an sliabh

        I wish I knew as much about my family as you do about yours. Since you shared, so will I. According to an uncle many times removed, the only relative I know, I was born in Co. Clare, the descendant of a cantankerous bunch of coastal peasants, who liked the drink, the ceol, the women, and to fight. Most of the family perished between being murdered by the British, being part of anti-treaty groups in the civil war, and the “undocumented” famine ASF recently wrote about, gave them the rest. I was an unwanted child and abandoned at a young age (but not as a baby, so I remember) at one of the many homes for unwed girls with children and other bhastairds. Unfortunately, I don’t know much more. All I wonder about is how, with that history of yours, you developed the very “English” outlook on Ireland and its people that you have today.

        • ar an sliabh

          agus…Irish is my first language, despite what they say about Co. Clare…English is my third.

  4. The extent of British intelligence control of the Irish media is a huge issue that is rarely discussed by the Republican Movement – or indeed by those of a nationalist persuasion generally. Yet the evidence is overwhelming that our media is controlled more or less lock, stock and barrel by British spooks. Who can forget the grotesque forelock tugging of UrTeeHee during the Windsors’ visit in 2011 – or the similar oleaginous schmoozing of the Freemason’s Journal – (aka The Sunday Indo), full as it is to bursting point with clapped out Stalinist hacks, whose role in the 70s and 80s was to give ultra-bourgeois Southern Unionism a pseudo-workerist gloss? I remember an interview the late lamented Derek Dunne conducted with Gerry Adams in Magill in the late 1980s in which he attempted to draw out the Sinn Fein leader on the role of British intelligence directed Workers Party operatives in controlling the debate on the national question in the Irish media. Adams showed precisely zero interest in discussing this question – which is ironic since the same unspeakably seedy cabal are the ones who have been monstering him in the media over the last few years. I’ve always wondered why Sinn Fein were so frightened of confronting the Mi5 Workers Party clique in the Irish media – but in recent times I wonder about this a lot less for very obvious reasons…

    The dots ain’t really that hard to join. Much of it is there in black and white in that most informative book, The Lost Revolution – The Story of the Workers Party and the Official IRA, not to mention the old issues of Magill circa 1982. But most of our “well-informed” Primetime watching sheeple are so brainwashed by the Freemasons Journal narrative of Irish life – that “Fianna Fail builders” and Charlie Haughey are the source of all corruption in our society – that they are incapable of assimilating the hidden in plain sight evidence of the huge corruption of our crypto-Unionist Masonic establishment – which now encompasses all the main parties, Independent Newspapers, RTE, and the Irish Times.

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