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All-Ireland Majority Support For Irish Language State Services

A new all-Ireland poll has found majority support both nationally and regionally for Irish language state services (Íomhá: Millward Brown/Cuan Ó Seireadáin)

A new all-Ireland poll has found that majorities both nationally and regionally support the provision of public services in the Irish language. From the Irish Examiner:

“A survey of over 1,000 adults over the age of 15 in the Republic and over 1,000 adults over 16 in the north conducted on behalf of Conradh na Gaeilge by Millward Brown has revealed that a majority of citizens, in both jurisdictions, believe that services provided by the state should the available through Irish for those who choose to use them.

In the south, 70% of the population believe services in Irish should be provided with only 13% opposed, while in the north 54% are in favour of services in Irish with only 26% opposed.

Millward Brown also looked at people’s confidence in understanding Irish (8% in the North compared to 35% in the south) and speaking Irish (5% in the north compared to 26% in the south). 44% percent of those surveyed in the south would like to have the opportunity to learn or to learn more Irish, while almost one third of the population in the north are interested in doing so.”

Tuairisc examines the survey in detail, including the high levels of support for bilingual services amongst 15-17 year olds (80% in favour). Opposition or indifference to language equality on a national level was found to be strongest in the over 45s and in the Dublin region, while in the north-east a majority of “Protestants” were also sceptical.



      1. The fact you are wrong about the numbers with an ability to seek services in Irish, and that you will probably ignore the reasons why that is the case is irrelevant. Let’s say you are right. Why shouldn’t that 1% have a right to seirbhísí trí mhean na Gaeilge?
        If you deny them this you align yourself with Cromwell – remember ‘To Hell or Connaught’? You take the position of the coloniser oppressing those savage natives who insist on speaking their backward (or is it elitist now?) tongue.

        Come on. Time for enlightenment in 2015.

        1. It will not make it to 2% or 3% using the services if the Nation just gives in and let’s the cultural genocide complete it self. You think we fenians know when to give up? We don’t. We don’t have a word for it 😉 If we can’t get over what happened in the 12 century, do you think our minds are looking ahead to 2116 and 2216!?

        2. The only way to ensure that their right to state services in Irish is not violated is to require 100% fluency in Irish from everyone who works for the state.
          (I would not want to discuss my tax details with someone who barely understands me, for example)
          Good luck with that.

        3. I suggest you go into a post office in Tallaght and ask for a postal order for 300 euros, some stamps and a 100 worth of prize bonds in Irish.

          1. If you go into a post office in Tallaght and make that order in any language, you will probably be robbed and beaten for your money after leaving. My experience in Dublin has been very mixed. I have tested it just to see what would happen not too long ago (in part influenced by this blog) and most of the time, the person rendering service will speak English in response, but he or she will understand enough Irish to get business accomplished. I prefaced my conversations to explain my insistence on speaking Irish (for a test), as I did not wish to be perceived to be rude and found that this courtesy was appreciated. Some of the people I spoke with, were actually enthusiastic to put their leaving cert to work, and some preferred to keep the entirety of the conversation in English. This appears to tip considerably towards favouring Irish the further away (south-west) from Dublin you get. Again, younger adults (late teens, early thirties) appear to be more receptive to speaking Irish than their parents.

        4. He has taken and maintained exactly that position throughout his posts on this blog, despite his heritage.

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