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Lucinda Creighton Going Renua Or Ré Nua

Ré Nua
Before Renua Ireland there was just plain Ré Nua. Now Lucinda Creighton has ruined the fond childhood memories of an entire generation of Irish adults. While providing a metaphorical image for her own political career (Íomhá: Fadó Fadó)

Lucinda Creighton, ex-Fine Gael rebel and pumped-up darling of the right-wing press, has finally nailed her colours to the mast (following months of fumbled-tongued prevaricating) by formally launching her new party, Renua Ireland. Apparently the name is a play on the English term “renewal” and the Irish term “ré nua” (new era), thus satisfying absolutely nobody in either language. Which pretty much matches Creighton’s politics, and that of her maverick gang of political wannabes. Of course Ré Nua /Renua is also the name of a Cork musical group, a health food shop in Kerry, a musical competition from Fleadh Cheoil na hÉireann, the home of an adult counselling service in Limerick, a boiler service company in Monaghan, a US medical firm, and a series of children’s books published for Irish schools in the 1990s. Then there is also a rather mysterious website (though you can look that one up for yourself).

As my mother once commented while observing one of Lucinda Creighton’s car-crash TV interviews: that one couldn’t organise a piss-up in a brewery.

4 comments on “Lucinda Creighton Going Renua Or Ré Nua

  1. LOL..@.All the other uses of Re Nua My favorite being the boiler service company in Monaghan…There’s a joke in there somewhere..Bunny Boilers??? Perhaps.

    The most worrying thng that I can think of is the new wave of “independents” which aren’t really independent of either FFailure or Fine Mess Gael. That’s a dirty trick IMHO.


  2. If you look at Dineen’s dictionary as well as eDIL it seems that “Ré Nua” also means “New Moon” (as in Lunar phase), a most appropriate name given the bunch of loonies in it 😉


    • Yes, I saw that when I was looking up the Foclóir Gaeilge-Béarla the other day (online entry here). Hilarious isn’t it? I was thinking of naming them the “Moonies”! What would that be? Réaigh? 😉


  3. Gan “Solas ard”sa ghealaigh sin.I read Renua as a French motor company robbed by LETTERLAND kleptomaniacs
    Corrected Irish Central on their stating that Renua was the Irish for “new era”, Spelled it correctly. !
    Comment appeared briefly and then vanished!!
    Nobody likes ‘nit pickers’ ●○•°☆★


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