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30 Years On And Britain Maintains The Kincora Boys Home Cover-Up

The once much-lauded British Unionist militant and notorious paedophile William McGrath photographed in his regalia as a “chaplain” of the Orange Order. Throughout the 1970s he procured the “ritualised” abuse of children for suspected members of the British military, police, judiciary, government and aristocracy

In my last post highlighting the demands from campaigners in Ireland that the British authorities in the north-east of the country examine the ritualistic sexual abuse of children in a care-home in Belfast during the 1960s and 1970s, abuse that is widely believed to have involved members of the UK intelligence services, paramilitary police, armed forces, government and various factions of the Unionist extreme, I headlined the piece as “Kincora Boys Home, The Scandal Britain Can’t Bury“. That historic summation may have been over-optimistic on my part. From the Irish Times:

“Allegations of child abuse at the Kincora boys’ home in Belfast in the 1970s will not be investigated by a major British inquiry to be headed by a New Zealand judge, British home secretary Theresa May has said.

The inquiry to be headed by Justice Lowell Goddard will be confined to abuse allegations in England and Wales, but will liaise with the Hart Inquiry, which is investigating allegations of abuse in institutional homes in Northern Ireland.

“Child protection is a devolved matter, it is right that other jurisdictions in the United Kingdom look at the issues within their own geographical remit so that they can take the action which is right to address the specific issues uncovered,” Ms May said.”

I’m sure she did. Keep the Kincora scandal off the front pages of the UK press and satisfy the collective demand of the British public that they remain wilfully ignorant of the details of their nation’s Dirty War in our nation. Same as it ever was, really. Though other parties to the conflict have their own guilty secrets too.

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