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Up To 80,000 Protest Imposition Of Water Charges

Some 80,000 people attend mass rally in Dublin against the imposition of water taxes
Some 80,000 people attend mass rally in Dublin against the imposition of water taxes

In light of recent improved polling members and supporters of the governing Fine Gael and Labour Party coalition were predicting a poor turn-out for yesterday’s mass demonstration in the capital against the imposition of so-called water charges, while the right-wing press insinuated that the general public was weary of protests and the march would be a flop. However in defiance of their detractors up to 80,ooo people took to the streets of Dublin to rally once more against the failed politics of austerity. From the “Irish” Mirror:

“The capital came to a standstill today as water protesters packed the city to voice their anger against the hated charges.

An estimated 80,000 pounded the streets against the tax in a demonstration which brought together people from all over the country.

The thousands thronged O’Connell Street as a rally took place with many speakers calling on the entire nation not to give up and continue fighting for the abolition of the charges.

The last time this number of people took to the streets was back in December when up to 100,000 descended on the capital.

Protesters poured into Merrion Square spilling on Kildare Street, Nassau Street and O’Connell Street blocking all traffic for the massive demonstration.”

Is the message getting through to the Fine Oibre coalition yet? The protests will end when austerity ends. Until then no one is going away. No matter how much the denizens and defenders of the Golden Circle may wish it.



3 comments on “Up To 80,000 Protest Imposition Of Water Charges


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  2. There were less people at the protest than in November.
    The movement is slowly losing steam.

    And some sources say that the turnout was ~40k not 80k.


  3. Caitlín Ní Mheachair

    There certainly was at least 80,000 there on Saturday as better heads than me compared the capacity numbers of Croke Park. The tragedy is that both Bernie Hughes and Brendan Ogle have indeed neutered by co-opting two unrelated issues: amnesty for asylum seekers and a ‘Yes’ vote in the same-sex referendum. This *will* split the water tax movement or at least dissuade others from attending the April 18th demonstration. I hope people can look beyond this.

    What really angers me is that there was no justification for giving a platform to Marxists at this water protest. If anyone believes all anti-water protesters (whatever their motives) are all voting in favour of the ideologically correct referendum on May 22nd as well as the demands of Memet Uludağ then they’re mistaken:

    “All Asylum seekers in Direct Provision System should be granted permanent leave and residency.”

    “All Asylum seekers should be given the right to work and education, like all other citizens.”

    “Ireland should declare an end to deportations and process all pending asylum applications and grant asylum seekers permanent residency.”

    As laudable as those doubtless are to anti-republicans, dissolving the nation state further as part of a wider ideology shouldn’t be relevant at this time in the debate on whether Irish citizens should reject an unjust tax!


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