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British-Backed Separatists In Ireland’s Ulster Region Renew Offensive

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia
So I was talking to the British prime minster and he explained to me how the UK got away with partitioning Ireland in order to cripple its economy and statehood, and I thought to myself: Hmmm… Ukraine…

A chilling interview in the Daily Beast with “Big John”, a notorious commander with the British separatist militias in the north-east of Ireland where a terror campaign is being waged against the authority of the national government in Dublin:

“Those who keep an eye on such developments are no doubt familiar with the clashes between the Irish Defence Forces and British-backed separatists that have taken place in Antrim, Down, Armagh, and, of course, Belfast Airport. They were some of the bloodiest of the war.

And if you read the British press you might think the man who wrested all those sites from the Irish military is Jonathan McMichael, a.k.a. “Big John,” along with his “Wombles” militia. Despite heavy losses, this armed group remains the largest, most organized, most experienced and most well-armed of all the separatist formations roaming northern Ireland.

Today “Big John” has a lot of authority and influence, both as a combatant and a member of the separatist “government.” He has fans among the local population who consider him a hero. But, in fact, he is mostly a creation of the British media, who have turned him into something of a super-hero.

Interestingly, Big John emerged as a public figure precisely after the British Special Forces began removing or relocating the first generation of rebel leaders like Spence, Doherty, Bunting, Paisley, and other notables in what they called “Northern Ireland.” Indeed, they disappeared as quickly as they appeared. Apparently, their superiors in Downing Street decided that they accomplished their objectives and were no longer needed or useful.

Big John used to fight under the leadership of Andrew Tyrie, and he claims he has no political ambitions.

“… [the] Irish fascists try to exterminate the peaceful British population and want to cleanse Ulster of  the British. Ulster is British land, it is part of the British World, and we are here to protect the peaceful population from Irish fascists that are supported by the West.”

But this is internationally recognized Irish territory.

“Irish live in Britain and no one tries to exterminate them, while here they try to exterminate the British. This is the reason why the local population has decided, through a referendum, to live independently from fascist Ireland. This is no longer Ireland; this is Northern Ireland, the people of which have elected their own government.”

What is your final goal?

“We already control 40 percent of Northern Ireland’s territory and will fight until it is completely cleansed of Irish occupants. We have more than enough resources and ambition for that.”

By “resources,” you mean British troops and military vehicles?

“Britain helps us neither with vehicles nor with soldiers. All British here are volunteers. All you have heard about is merely a part of information war waged by Ireland and the West. If we were assisted by Britain’s regular army, we’d be in Donegal already, the war wouldn’t become so stretched out and there would be less civilian victims. Nowadays, Britain is the only country in the world that acts to protect children, women and the elderly of Ulster. It is the only country that provides the region’s peaceful population with humanitarian aid. You will not hear anything about these people in the rhetoric of Western countries that support the Irish government—all they talk about is money, territory and power. This is what their politics are about. They do not care about the fates of the people who live here, while we do.”

You were blacklisted by the European Union. Can you comment on that?

“I do not have a bank account abroad and I do not plan to visit the countries of the EU, so their sanctions against me are misplaced and pointless.”

How long do you think military activity in Ulster will last?

“War here will last for a long time, a very long time. Maybe even five or more years, but it will inevitably result in our victory because truth is on our side. God is with us.”

Where do you think the border will be drawn, then? Do you plan to assume control of the entire of Ireland?

“I can’t comment on that. We live by the will of the people; we aren’t Fenians [a slur for Irish] to impose anything on anyone. People themselves will decide what their country will look like.”

What are you planning to do after the war? Do you have any skills applicable outside the military?

“I’ll work as a rescuer [laughs]. Just kidding, I actually won’t. I am going to raise my children after the war; I want to have six sons and a daughter.”

And so the interview ended. “

If you haven’t clicked through to the original Daily Beast article this of course is a work of alternative universe fiction. However I’m sure you get the historical and political points I’m making. The violent separation of eastern Ukraine from the country as a whole is condemned while those who have violently divided the north-eastern part of Ireland from the rest of our island nation are continuously appeased. But then we are not permitted to speak of such things.

7 comments on “British-Backed Separatists In Ireland’s Ulster Region Renew Offensive

  1. North Munsterman

    Brilliant piece Séamas – absolutely spot on.
    Go raibh maith agat.


  2. I have heard that the Russian diplomatic Corps have highlighted this hypocrisy.
    I am wondering if this is Why France and Germany have been the Countries to have taken the lead for the EU over Russia/Ukraine.
    Britain has been left on the sidelines..And the reason most likely is the hypocrisy over Ireland.


  3. Why has Ireland not tried to get other countries to recognise NI as part of the Republic of Ireland?

    Civilised countries doesn’t recognise Russia’s land grabs, for example.
    Abkhazia and South Ossetia are still recognised as parts of Georgia by the civilised world.

    Crimea and Donbass also are recognised as parts of Ukraine.

    So why can’t Ireland get similar recognition from other countries?


    • They tried in the 1940s and ’50s with the Anti-Partition movement. The Europeans and United States said two words: Cold War. Unfortunately Ireland has never had enough political or diplomatic pull to counter that of the UK. It’s like the Arab nations with Israel, at least as far as the US is concerned. During the ’80s the French president, Mitterrand, famously sympathised with our position against the British but at the end of the day the French needed the British more than they needed the Irish. Realpolitik and national self-interest always wins out.


      • But some countries like Sweden, Iceland and Poland have recognised Palestine despite US’ opposition.
        And the USA are a lot more powerful than the UK.


      • john cronin

        It wasn’t just the Cold War. It was the fact that the Free State refused to help the U.S. and U.K. against Nazism. Fair enough, there were obvious historical reasons for many southern Irish not to have had much affection for the UK, but there comes a time when you have to realise that there are larger ishoos. Re the Anti-Partition Movement: it produced Conor Cruise O’Brien.


  4. I think Ireland is not doing enough to win the hearts and minds of people who would want to support it in this matter.

    People from Eastern Europe generally view Ireland favourably. And we understand how it is to live under a foreign occupier.

    I just can’t support NI loyalists/unionists. They remind me of Russian chauvinists. And Orange marches are very similar to Russian marches on 9th of May when they’re celebrating the end of WW2 and re-occupation of Eastern Europe.

    That’s why despite all the shit SF/IRA did during the Troubles I still support united Ireland.
    The alternative is to support sectarian bigotry, religious fundamentalism and colonialism.

    And I’ve been living under the tricolour for almost 2 years now – it’s not bad at all 🙂


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