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Channel 4 News On The Kincora Boys Home Scandal

The once much-lauded British Unionist militant and notorious paedophile William McGrath photographed in his regalia as a “chaplain” of the Orange Order. Throughout the 1970s he procured the “ritualised” abuse of children for suspected members of the British military, police, judiciary, government and aristocracy

I’ve used the platform presented by An Sionnach Fionn to discuss the Kincora Boys Home scandal on many occasions in the past, and now Channel 4 News in Britain has taken up the story and brought it to a wider – and more importantly – British audience. Throughout the 1960s, ’70s and early 1980s the state-funded Kincora care home for children in Belfast was at the centre of a ritualistic paedophile ring whose tentacles stretched from the UK to Ireland. The conspiracy of abuse incorporated individuals from across the full gamut of influential – and frequently unassailable – British and Unionist life: the government, armed forces, police, intelligence services, terrorist factions, political parties, civil servants, and that most elusive of all British concepts, the “establishment”. Among the names that crop up with the greatest frequency in the research by journalists and justice-campaigners into the abuse is that of Louis Mountbatten, 1st Earl Mountbatten of Burma, a cousin of the present British head of state and “honorary grandfather” to Charles, the Prince of Wales. Mountbatten was assassinated by the (Provisional) Irish Republican Army in August of 1979 while visiting Classiebawn Castle, a vast estate built on lands seized from native Irish communities in the Sligo region during the 1600s and retained in British aristocratic hands until the 1990s. So far no serious effort has been made by the UK authorities to investigate the three decades of assault, rape and torture at the Kincora Boys Home.

2 comments on “Channel 4 News On The Kincora Boys Home Scandal

  1. ar an sliabh

    There will never be such effort. Ranks right up there with British atrocities during the “long war.” Maybe there is even a clause somewhere in the GFA that indemnifies the partakers in this atrocity as well.


  2. Amy Rose Murphy

    These pigs should have thier lads cut off with a rusty, blunt knife , then dip them in a vat of salt water


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