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2000 AD and Judge Dredd Quality Comics’ Collection

Ballad of Halo Jones
Ballad of Halo Jones
Ballad of Halo Jones

The problem with being a hopeless Teicógach (or Irish Geek) is the habit of collecting one’s interests – or obsessions – with a near fanatical devotion. So down through the years I’ve managed to assemble a massive, if pleasingly eclectic, collection of Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror related materials. Of these the most problematic in terms of storage have been my accumulated books, comics, graphic novels, DVDs and Blu-rays. Fortunately both they and myself have become increasingly digitised in recent years which means most of my literary and cinematic libraries now exist on several large networked drives (both domestic and commercial). So what to do with the original hardcopy versions? One cannot simply dump them (well, I cannot) and they are too valuable to give away (or at least the bulk of them are). So in the hope of finding some good homes for some old friends I have decided to dip a reluctant toe into the world of online selling. No, not eBay, which is singularly unappealing for those of us resident in Ireland, but the rather less glamorous – if far more usable – Of course with the latter the rewards are lesser but then so are the difficulties; which makes it the more attractive of the two. In any case financial gain is the smaller of my concerns (though the extra income would prove useful in keeping ASF up and running).

So, in a shameless act of self-promotion, I’m linking to my sale on of a large collection of quality comics from the British cult Sci-Fi and Fantasy publication 2000 AD. The items in the sale range from the 1970s to 2000s, with the majority of sequential issues published in the 1980s. The collection includes a number of other 2000 AD-related publications:

  • Winter and Summer Specials
  • Annuals
  • The Best of 2000 AD
  • 2000 AD Extreme Edition
  • The Judge Dredd Magazine
  • The much sought-after first edition of 2000 AD’s Dice Man
  • Issue number #8 of the controversial 2000 AD spin-off magazine Crisis (comes with the original bundled poster).
  • A unique copy of the Dan Dare Annual 1980, an “up-side down” version which escaped a printer-recall and has consequently gained considerable marketplace value

Also included in the sale are four select publications for more general collectors: two issues of Marvel UK’s Spider-man and numbers #7 and #10 of Marvel UK’s Captain Britain, all dating from the 1980s. These editions have good resale value.

All items in the collection have been stored in zip-lock bags and sealed boxes, kept at room-temperature and out of direct sunlight. Consequently they are in Fine to Near Mint condition (standard comic book market criteria). Perfect for collectors, resellers or swappers. Publications similar to some of the ones in this collection are being traded for up to 30 euros each on eBay and elsewhere. Similar sized collections on are being sold for between 500 and 1200 euros.

2000AD Progs:





















































2000AD Summer and Winter Specials:

#Summer 1988

#Winter 1988

Best of 2000AD Monthly:





Judge Dredd Magazine:



2000AD Extreme Edition:



2000AD Annuals:



Dan Dare Annual:


2000AD’s Dice Man:


Crisis Magazine:

#8 (incl. poster)

Marvel UK’s Spider-man:


Marvel UK’s Captain Britain:



If you are interested in purchasing the entire collection jump over to and make an offer. Unfortunately I’m selling the bulk only, in this case at least, as there is little value in selling individual items for me.

And now back to our normal service…



3 comments on “2000 AD and Judge Dredd Quality Comics’ Collection

  1. Good luck with the sale.
    Have you tried Amazon? Just the level of buyers on there is huge.
    I have sold some things on there..Also to set it up is quite easy..The downsides are amazon fees after a sale, the low price they give for postage and the level of competition..That been said…If you have the only can almost name your price…If your item is in used like new condition you can make that clear..and also many of the other sellers have got thousands of listings..And the benefit if this last they never post pictures!!!!! So if they offer a low price you can post yours with pictures.even with a higher price you may get a sale.

    I have just tried ebay myself , very recently. It can be a hard one.
    My items only got about 12 or so views!!!!!!!
    I reckon ebay is been squeezed by amazon..except for cars and possibly antiques.


  2. Ashling Larkin

    You could contact re-sellers mainly in the UK as they’re more likely to have a greater number of British-sci-fi collectors. Áth mór, Ashling


  3. best of luck with your sale – may your coffers fill up and your bookshelves empty fast!!


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