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David Cameron Gives Showing The Pig A Whole New Meaning

The steep-streeted town of Drogheda has offered many fine contributions to Irish culture, though perhaps none more so than an English language euphemism for the act of coitus that simultaneously manages to both horrify and amuse. It invariably involves one young male asking of another young male, in reference to a potential romantic tryst of the previous night or weekend, the following question: “Well, did you show her the pig?”

This phrase sprang to mind, albeit in somewhat reverse order, upon learning more of the apparently Bacchanalian misadventures of young David William Donald Cameron, future Tory leader and prime minister of the United Kingdom. From the HuffPo:

“An unauthorized biography of British Prime Minister David Cameron, titled Call Me Dave, being published in instalments on the Daily Mail website, has made a startling claim about Cameron’s initiation into a prestigious Oxford University drinking club, known as the Piers Gaveston Society. Cameron, the allegation goes, inserted “a private part of his anatomy” into the mouth of a dead pig, which was itself resting in the lap of another Piers Gaveston member.

Authors Lord Michael Ashcroft and Isabel Oakeshott attribute the lurid tale to an unidentified British member of parliament, who claimed — on multiple occasions — to have seen a photo of young Cameron… er, hamming it up.

The Independent notes Cameron did indeed attend Oxford from 1985 through 1988, and Piers Gaveston does have a reputation for “sexual excess” including a yearly summer ball, which the paper characterizes as “a well-organized orgy.””

While some have expressed scepticism over these most recent claims, going by previous revelations concerning the sexual and scatological obsessions of the British ruling classes, porcine fellatio seems the least of it.

As I said, the UK is going very 1970s.

11 comments on “David Cameron Gives Showing The Pig A Whole New Meaning

  1. twitter and facebook have been going mad all day over pigsgate!!
    Hope you enjoy

  2. I suppose if Mr Crooked-Nose were a thoroughly decent chap, all this would have been ignored, it’s really his behaviour in the present and recent past that is damning him. (Just look at how he sneers at the Scots and now Labour at PM’s Questions for example, his whole body language …) It’s never the truth (if there is such a thing) that really matters, it’s what people want to believe, what seems fitting and plausible. And this silly factoid just fits the bill to a tee. And of course we all know this is Ashcroft putting the knife in. And maybe, just maybe, the nation waking up?

    Am I allowed to suggest that he might have muc-ed things up a little?

    • eileen healy

      Well , tuigim has just alluded to the pigs anatomy in a tweet so I ‘say that ham is on the menu which brings me to the first thing that I thought of when I saw this blog. Every one blogging here is probably too young to remember ” A Private Function” British film from the 1980s which definitely starred Michael Palin and was rather quirky to say the least with some black humour Don’t think that it was ever a block buster ! Reared on a farm my parents raised pigs which were ” processed on site” so I remember not being very keen to see this when it was released in the cinema

      • eileen healy

        Just to say to “dhroim na muice ” is ” the pig’s back” directly translated but on “special occasions” ( ócâidí faoi leith) one would use ” ar mhuin na muice”

      • Hah, vaguely remembered it from a late night TV showing years ago (self-confessed Python fan, even the sorta-kinda related ones). Thankfully the internet holds the answer to all questions 😉

    • What one has to admire about the British establishment is its capacity to embrace loyalists and rebels in equal measure. The rebels, of course, are rebellious within strictly limited ranges, as former Piers Galveston Society alumni Ian Hislop proves.

    • I’d rather have him in charge than Corbyn. If Labour doesn’t get rid of that Russian sympathising useful idiot soon, then I hope that the Tories will win again in 2020.

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