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A Delirium Of Political Vacuousness

Fianna Fáil, back from the dead ( (Photo: Séamas Ó Sionnaigh, Binn Éadair, Cúige Laighean, Éire, Meitheamh 2012)

So, I’ve not too much to say while I’m smothered with a persistent cold which refuses all efforts to kill it off (before it does the same to me). The fact that it took me four attempts to write that one sentence pretty much indicates where my head is at now (somewhere between a rock and a hard place, the rock pounding me repeatedly between the eyes). Do I feel sorry for myself? Oh yes I do. Will I compensate for that by lying in bed, smartphone in hand, reviewing saved items in the wish lists on my Amazon app with the intention of some self-pitying retail therapy? Oh yes I will.

(I believe this is known as a first world problem. I believe I don’t give a hairy rat’s ass. I believe I’ll feel guilty about that later. I believe that opening a large cardboard package in five days’ time will bury that guilt. I believe I can fly… That could be the pills talking).

Anyhooo, on to the latest shenanigans in Irish politics. I’ve already discussed the Labour Party’s cynical selection of Sinn Féin critic Maíria Cahill as their candidate in an upcoming “election” to the so-called Industrial and Commercial Panel of Seanad Éireann (please don’t ask me to fully explain the upper house of the Irish legislature to you, dear overseas’ readers, as it defies any form of rational understanding. For folks in the United States, just imagine a giant pork barrel of would-be-politicos, special interests and lobbyists on a federal paycheck and you get the idea. Actually that pretty much just described the US senate too. Though at least you guys get to vote those people in. We merely observe the packing of the barrel from the outside, faces pressed up against the glass.

“Please, sir, can I have some more…?”

Ok, that could be the pills again…).

Putting aside the off-the-record briefings by the Labourites demanding that their chosen one be given a free run for the anointing election, journalist Henry McDonald has inadvertently offered this summation of what may well be Maíria Cahill’s sole and only purpose in Joan Burton’s eyes:

“Mairia Cahill: A Senate sniper to shoot barbs at Sinn Fein”

A decent person with genuine grievances and a contribution to make, reduced to the role of a weaponised-critic for a political cult terrified of both the electorate and its rivals. What could possibly go wrong with that, a chairde?

Moving on to matters regional, let me say this: Ding Dong! The Witch is dead. Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!

Yep, unionism’s wicked queen of the north, Ruth Patterson, has resigned from the DUP following her recent snubbing in favour of Emma Pengelly, the daughter of Noel Little, the militant who armed the party’s paramilitary wing, the Ulster Resistance, back in the 1980s (debts gotta be paid, dontcha know). The bold Patterson, the Sarah Palin of Irish politics (not a compliment, in case you’re a Tea Party keyboard-licker who stumbles upon this post by accident), is rightly irate after all those fine contributions to community relations down through the years. Has Peter “the Euro” Robinson no appreciation for tradition?

Meanwhile, back with national politics, the right-wing party that is not Fine Gael, led by some bloke called Micheál, has made another selection in its chaotic list of candidates for the forthcoming general election. From

“FIANNA FÁIL IS set to add a former TD’s daughter, who is currently working abroad, to its general election ticket in Cork East.

Barbara Ahern, an accountant and tax advisor who has been based in Gibraltar for the last two years, is coming back to Ireland and hopes to be added to the party ticket, according to her father.”

And people say Irish politics are a closed shop of self-selecting, self-entitled elites?

Och, enough of this…

Yes? No! Out of stock! Arrrrgh!

9 comments on “A Delirium Of Political Vacuousness

  1. Hilarious turns of phrases today. I think you write better when you’re sick!


  2. So that Fianna Failure. prospect
    First of all she ‘s an Ahern.
    I so hoped that would be a toxic brand even for them.
    And second she’s working to help people/companies shrink their tax bills by working in that tax shelter Gibraltar.
    The only way you could be more crooked sounding is to set up a used car lot under the arches;selling secondhand Volkswagen Diesels under the name Bernie Madoff Motors.With warranties covered by Lehmann Brothers backed by AiG with a personal loan from Anglo Irish Bank. What could possibly go wrong????
    Or to be a unionist in a room alone with NAMA.
    Either/ Or
    Even that just cannot quite cover it 🙂


  3. Brendan Hackett

    A glass of flat 7 Up will sort you out.


    • Ah the old trick. That and microwaving 7Up, instant hot energy drink. Just a persistent cold that refuses to lift. The perils of shift-work on the body. What is a sniffle for the nine-to-fivers becomes full on flu for the day-to-night/night-to-day folk. Especially if you’ve been doing day/night shift cycles for years. Can’t complain – that’s what the big bucks are for! 😉


  4. eileen healy

    Delirium of Vulpine Verbosity !!Do you find yourself muttering to yourself whilst nodding off for a few minutes after waking up talking to a friend or family member who just for a couple of seconds seems rude be rude in their lack of response This is followed by a spell of incredible lucidity and inspiration “can’t complain” ! Don’t so”! Day and night shift for years. …..*Mo léir cráite” Don’t get me started ! Young foxes can sleep with ” one eye open” for a long time but it will catch up with you sometime. “your tail”
    ……….. and I haven’t had all my meds yet
    Tabhair aire


  5. eileen healy


  6. All best wishes for a speedy recovery – I hate colds – they’re not even a “real” illness but they do make you feel wretched!


    • Thanks, Ben. Seems it is the flu rather than a cold. Confined to bed for the last few days. Hopefully the anti-biotics will shake it. At the moment can hardly read let alone write. Vegetating watching day-time TV. It’s all I can manage 😉


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