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The Green Scare Or The Indo’s Greens Under The Bed Paranoia

“Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Communist party?”

For many people this infamous question immediately brings to mind the period of the 1950s and ’60s in the United States and the wave of anti-communist fear and paranoia which swept the country. Promoted by an influential class of right-wing ideologues in the spheres of politics, the press and law enforcement, persecution and opprobrium became the order of the day, destroying the lives of countless ordinary Americans and their families. In reality of the tens of thousands of people investigated, arrested and interrogated only a handful had any provable association with communism or the USSR. In fact the common characteristic of most suspects was their liberalism or left-leaning views – or simply being socially “unconventional”. This of course was the era of Joseph McCarthy, the feared senator from Wisconsin, and his public trials of alleged subversives in Washington, granting us the term McCarthyism: the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence, especially in order to restrict dissent or political criticism.

Reading some of today’s newspapers in Ireland I couldn’t help but be reminded of that age of ideological fanaticism gone mad. From the Sunday Independent’s controversial security correspondent Jim Cusack come these claims in the wake of the murder of garda Tony Golden by petty criminal “Adrian” Crevan Mackin in Louth:

“The term ‘subversive’ rather than ‘dissident’ is being again used by gardai to cover a wide range of criminal-political activity along the Border…

The ‘subversive’ term, commonly used in the early part of the Troubles to describe broad IRA activity, is being used again because, alongside the actual criminal activity, there is also the infiltration and corruption of government on both sides of the Border.

The Garda Special Branch is aware of the identities of the moles the IRA has infiltrated into government – from local authorities up to senior positions in key government departments. Most are non-IRA figures, who have either been bribed or otherwise coerced into working for the IRA but some are actual IRA members or ‘volunteers’.

The Special Branch has never held with the notion that the IRA has ‘gone away’ but merely that it has changed its modus operandi and is seeking the subversion of the Republic by different methods – using its huge criminal earnings and influence inside the structures of the State, the media, trade unions and academia to undermine and eventually overthrow what they still term the ’26-county State’. This has been greatly assisted by the pursuance of a policy referred to under the 1998 and other agreements as ‘security normalisation’.”

If you think the above allegations fly in the face of known history since the late 1990s, there is more elsewhere in the same publication:

“Gardai are facing a nightmare scenario that one of its own members has worked as a mole for the Provisional IRA-controlled ‘mafia’ in the Border area, the Sunday Independent can reveal.

A top-level Garda review is under way into a number of its investigations as concern heightens that evidence in several sensitive cases may have been tampered with.”

There is a nightmare scenario here, certainly, but it has nothing to do with An Garda Síochána or a fictional army of underground revolutionaries ready to overthrow the state.


7 comments on “The Green Scare Or The Indo’s Greens Under The Bed Paranoia

  1. eileen healy

    For one brief moment I’m reminded of the character played by Brendan Gleeson in The Guard who is a rather crass individual and sort of anti hero His co star Don Cheadle speculates whether he is very stupid or very clever and we’re all wondering at the end.Take note of “Speculate”
    Even if a journalist is in possession of solid information which strongly indicates the likelihood of even further misdeeds it generally doesn’t serve anyone very well to speculate publicly what they might be ‘Talking Up” the gravity of a situation where all the facts have yet to be established especially when tension s are high can be distressing for families involved and damaging to those working on the cold face I’m remembering here not only the horrible violence that was witnessed in Limerick in the mid2000s mostly involving the ‘drug trade” but the voracious apetite of certain media for a style of reporting guaranteed to maintain the momentum Was working with drugs and alcohol services at the time and some clients attended wearing bulletproof vests and I distinct ly remember conversations about how to get ones hands on a good one Ther was probably big of Paranoia to be factored in given that cannabis would have been used by some Then ” just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you”


    • It’s the shock-jock school of journalism, all sensation very little substance. Then again, when the scourge of heroin swept urban Dublin where were the media? It took house-burnings and pickets before they gave a damn. Or was it the murder of one of their own several years later? They choose very carefully what to hype up, and usually its only what suits their agenda, be it political or financial.

      Cynical? Me?! 😉


  2. DonegalJoe

    “For many people this infamous question immediately brings to mind the period of the 1950s and ’60s in the United States and the wave of anti-communist fear and paranoia which swept the country.”

    I usually agree with you on politics/history/language, but you’re way out of date on this one. The fear of communism was then and has proven to be now wholly justified. There is little good to be found in US foreign policy during that era (during any era, really), but that doesn’t change the fact that the USSR were a rotten shower of imperialists in their own right. An earlier post of yours mentioned lingering anti-Irish sentiment in the US. You should ponder that sentiment’s role in disparaging Sen. McCarthy. You should also google a certain Mr. Dickstein and find out the origins of the House Committee on Un-American Activities.


  3. I am more worried that several Garda have been on the payroll of Mi5 which has been well documented. And probably other foreign governments have corrupt garda on their client list also.
    Will the brave Jim Cusack expose any of this..Will he @£*k is the answer.


    • Oh, we’re not supposed to discuss Badgers or any other forms of British wildlife in the Irish countryside! 😉

      Of course, just as interesting, who were the two Fine Gael and one Labour TDanna who security sources repeatedly claim were on the British payroll during the 1970s and ’80s? One was apparently living in Louth. I could name names but I won’t until more evidence emerges…


      • LOL
        You could name names..and I and plenty others would have to read another blog as the heavy Gang asked you politely about your sources.;)
        But joking aside that is interesting and worrying at the same time about those TD’s
        Yes I heard about badgers on TG4..Like you said earlier they are making the best TV Ireland has witnessed.
        The programme Brathadóirí was very good indeed.
        Glad to see you have recovered from Man Flu 😉


  4. Just had another thought about this Jim Cusack and his Trojan Horse theory.
    Is his article not a recognition that the state is easily corruptable ?? By a brown envelope brigade.
    If so surely the politicians will root this out won’t they??? It would be in their best interests , surely *snigger*
    Ofc his problem is that it’s corruptable by republicans which would be a bad thing. And presumably corruption by ,say a former Ball game Player using oviid balls or a former Tele communication call centre worker ..That would be a gooood thing?? Wouldn’t it.
    Also isn’t his dire warning about 40- 50 years too late???? Like :haven’t the “men in Mohair suits” corrupted the wee defenceless free state remorsely ever which way but loose??
    Haven’t they joy-riden the country into a parked juggernaut??? and burnt it out.And auctioned the contents on an internet auction house to bidder Angela Meerkat901127?
    Wasn’t the bag man for this corruption a certain Dunlop character??
    So what’s left to worry about. Be Happy. Don’t be so glum Jim. It can’t get any worse than 200 Billion in Debt And an infastructure system dying on it’s knees.
    with Water, electricity and rail systems not fit for purpose.
    And schools that can’t afford toilet paper. And buses to rural Ireland been put up on blocks.
    Sure it’ll be grand. Won’t it?
    I await Mr Jim Cusacks reply.


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