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CNBC Republican Presidential Debate 2015

Having spent the night prostituting my labour to the service of others (no, not like that!) I didn’t get too much time to watch the CNBC debate between the posse of mainstream and outlier presidential candidates for the Republican Party in the United States. However from the little I saw of the marathon event it seemed to be a particularly scrappy affair, the only thing uniting the would-be denizens of the White House being, a) their hatred of Barack Obama, and b) their hatred of the “liberal” media. Faced with questions about their fiscal policies (as opposed to queries about how many “Enemies of Freedom, Inc.” they would bomb back to the Stone Age and in what order) most of the candidates seemed to be shocked by the sheer effrontery of their interrogators.

You expect me to explain how I’m going to balance the federal budget while introducing a one-tax-fits-all system to benefit the very rich and the very very rich?! How dare you!

Anyhow, here is the best quality video of the front-of-the-bus debate that I’ve found. If others become available I will add them.

UPDATE: For political junkies, a post-debate edition of Hardball with Chris Matthews, below.

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