The RTÉ And BBC NI United Ireland Survey

RTÉ BBC NI United Ireland Survey
Having fun with the figures in the RTÉ BBC NI United Ireland Survey.

What you won’t see reported in the Irish and British news media on the RTÉ/BBC NI poll examining the general public’s attitudes to the reunification of Ireland.

Of course I’m politically unbiased! But let me ask this… Why aren’t you wearing a poppy on your suit, ye Fenian bastard?!


  1. re. “Of course I’m politically unbiased! But let me ask this… Why aren’t you wearing a poppy on your suit, ye Fenian bastard?!”

    Is there an audio to go with that?

    Personally I think like him – especially when he keeps asking politicians direct questions and re-asking them when they don’t answer them. ,

    1. Tongue in cheek caption. His performance with young Pearse was a bit OTT, though he did give a couple of others a tough time too. Can’t say I’m a fan. Vincent Brown but without the wit or insight.

  2. Having yet more fun with the figures. Those in the whole of Ireland who want to see a united Ireland in their lifetime:

    Yes … 56%
    No … 22%
    Don’t know … 22%

    And if don’t knows are excluded:

    Yes … 71%
    No … 29%

  3. Sionn,

    I did realise there was a bit of creativity there with that spake…

    Not sure if you saw him with Arlene (last night) and the previous week with Gregory C but he absolutely hammered them into clarifying their position. The boy done good.

  4. So all we’ve got to do is educate the don’t-knows. Are there any good movies documenting British torture of IRA prisoners (a sort of “Schindler’s List” for Ireland) or is it still waiting to be made?

    1. There’s “Hunger” (2008) and “H3” (2001), which are ok in their way. To a lesser extent “Some Mother’s Son” (1996) is not too offensive. “Hidden Agenda” (1990) is probably the best of the lot.

      1. There’s a scene in Some Mother’s Son where the IRA lads are bundling weapons out of a small cottage in a cramped alley (filmed in Skerries) to go on an attack. A few years later one of the handful houses in the lane were raided and found to contain weapons for the RIRA. Art, Life, Imitation, what?

    2. Maybe you should educate them about your plans to finance the place instead.
      31% in the Republic said they would be in favour of a united Ireland if it meant paying more tax, less than half the number who had said they would like to see a United Ireland “in their lifetime”.
      The rest of the UK pays huge amounts of money to NI every year. The Republic of Ireland can’t afford to pay that and according to that poll – most people DON’T WANT to pay.

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