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Barricades Around The Winter Palace Of A Dying Coalition

The controversial Fine Gael TD, Catherine Byrne, has a brief exchange of words with a member of the general public visiting Dáil Éireann during a heated debate over Traveller rights, the government suddenly announces a raft of new security measures to segregate Seán and Síle Citizen even further away from the pampered inhabitants of our national legislature, the Sinn Féin deputy leader, Mary Lou McDonald, is shouted down by a braying bunch of male deputies from the Fine Oibre coalition when she protests the hysteria-born changes, and we are told that the measures reflect the belief in administration circles that there is a “material escalation in the level of threat” to the elected members of Oireachtas Éireann.

They really do take us for fools.

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  1. As someone who attended the Dáil on the night of the supposed threat, I can tell you that there was nothing but an exchange of a few words none of which contained swearwords or threats. In fact she was being pulled up on going back on what she said on a TV program not long ago. They just don’t like the victims of their works standing in front of them.

    • I tend to agree, Jack. Its more about keeping the great and the good away from the unwashed masses. Disgraceful elitist bullshit from FG and Lab, and typical of where their heads are at during the waning months of their coalition. They genuinely do believe that they are our social superiors, a new aristocracy to rule over the peasants.

  2. Why do you make a point of noting that Mary-Lou’s shouters-down were males?

    • Because it’s a bit ironic that those who demanded the extra security measures claimed to have done so in part because a female Teachta Dála was verbally upbraided in the precincts of the Oireachtas by a male visitor. Then we witness a group of old male farts shouting at a female TD when she criticised the new arrangements.

      • I have to correct that story which has been told- It was actually a female visitor who had the exchange of words.. No men actually were involved at all except one Garda and a Sinn Féin member at the end.

      • Ah fair enuff, didn’t get the reference. I’d be of the opinion that the gender of a politician shouldn’t be used to add weight to these emotive accusations – man or woman they all have big thick strong necks – but I see where you’re coming from.

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