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Whacking Jihadi John For The Pure Pleasure Of It

So this is the reaction of the “West” to the rise of the Islamic State and the growing conflict in Syria and Iraq? Petty, revenge-driven acts of assassination, consuming god knows how many resources, human, technological and financial, and for what purpose? Will the alleged killing of the Islamic State fighter, “Jihadi John”, make a blind bit of difference to the course of the war, or of IS’ position in the Middle East? Does it have any strategic or tactical significance for the limited military campaign being waged by the United States and its handful of allies against the barbarous parastate established over the last two years by ISIS/ISIL?

From the Daily Beast:

“ISIS’s most famous executioner, Mohammed Emwazi—best known as “Jihadi John”—was targeted in a U.S. airstrike in Syria early Friday morning, according to a senior U.S. administration official.

Emwazi was suspected of carrying out dozens of executions for the so-called Islamic State, including the beheading of American journalist James Foley and other American hostages.

The results of the strike are still being assessed, so Emwazi’s death cannot yet be confirmed, the senior administration official told The Daily Beast.

“This isn’t about avenging deaths but removing a despicable individual who committed brutal murders under the false pretense of a bankrupt and hijacked ideology,” the official said.

A U.S. defense official told The Daily Beast that the U.S. military followed Emwazi for the better part of a day leading up to the strike, which happened as he left a building.”

One minor head of a ten-thousand-headed hydra has been removed, knowing that two more will grow in its place. Futility as statecraft.

8 comments on “Whacking Jihadi John For The Pure Pleasure Of It

  1. john cronin

    Perhaps we ought to launch drone strikes on the mosques in Europe: that would stop em going to join Isis in the first place.


    • Well… it wouldn’t be any worse than what they are doing at the moment. But no. Interesting to see that a bit more effort is going into supporting the Kurds, or factions thereof. Also worrying that militant political Islam is starting to take hold in some Kurdish communities, as we witnessed with the recent arrests in Europe.

      Though perhaps the real loser here is Iran and Hezbollah. They are taking an absolute hammering. Unfortunately the delicate “cold peace” in Lebanon is heating up following the terrible bomb attacks over the last 24 hours. If ever a country deserves a break it is Lebanon. So much potential lost.


  2. Graham Ennis

    No worse than the Fenian assassinations of targeted elements of the British Occupation of Ireland, which were politically and morally justified.


    • Yes and no. The Fenian assassinations had real strategic impacts, or would have had in most failed cases. Killing the two most senior ranking members of the British colonial authorities in Ireland during the late 1800s is the equivalent of killing the number four or five guy at the top of ISIS/ISIL. The English thug who met his end was not in that category, however useful his propaganda for the Islamic State. It’s like killing Lord Haw-Haw or one of the Tokyo Roses and expecting that to bring the war to an end. I have no sympathy for Jihadi John but in real terms what does his death achieve? If they wiped out the top echelon of IS in one go, plus him, now that would be something!


  3. Jihadi John? Don’t make me laugh. Anyone who believes this clown exists deserves everything he gets. Just like King Rat,Mad dog,the Mexican etc this bogeyman is an mi6 creation.
    It never ceases to amaze me how Irish republicans who lived through the troubles and all its the black operations by the British state fail to notice black ops from further afield. Cue Bono?.”……….signed on behalf of the ‘white widow’.


    • Yes, propaganda is rife, as are lies and disinformation and just plain tabloid newspaper hype. However I have no doubt that a “Jihadi John” existed, even if all the facts may be debatable.


  4. ar an sliabh

    He was whacked for propaganda purposes. Made it look like something was done when really the weak-minded, never-make-a-real-decision, never-see-anything-through-to-the-end fat-and-happy politicos just continue to do nothing.


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