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The Farcical Wikipedia Entry On The Islamic Real IRA

However praiseworthy the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia may be for its free dissemination of knowledge to the users of the internet – and I’m somewhat of a cautious supporter – it must be admitted that it has also become a source of misinformation on many important matters, frequently with deliberate political or ideological intent. Take for instance this Wikipedia entry examining the so-called “Real Irish Republican Army” or “RIRA”, a 1997 insurgent grouping in Ireland which has styled itself the “New Irish Republican Army” or “NIRA” since 2012. The leading sidebar information-box gives some quick facts about the organisation, including the following:


Republican Action Against Drugs (Absorbed)

Continuity Irish Republican Army

Euskadi Ta Askatasuna





And if you’re wondering to yourself how the hell has the left-wing and utterly parochial RIRA/NIRA become an ally with the likes of al-Qaeda and the Taliban in the pursuit of a global Caliphate, read on:

“The RIRA has long been thought a supporter of al-Qaeda, involving itself in the jihadist organization’s drug trade and allegedly providing them with locations of important British officials in Northern Ireland. They are also believed to launder money for al-Qaeda.

According to some sources, including a retired Real IRA soldier, the RIRA has developed links with the Lebanese paramilitary group Hezbollah, which includes material support and training. Hezbollah has taught the RIRA new ways of communication after revealing the ease of call tracing. They have also collaborated to perform attacks in both Northern Ireland and mainland Britain. Representatives from both groups have reportedly met in southern Ireland to plan attacks.

The RIRA also has had strong ties to the Euskadi Ta Askatasuna, a Basque revolutionary group in Spain, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. The RIRA and PFLP have had a long history of cooperation, as they have had with a great majority of Palestinian groups. They have expressed their support for Hamas, the leading party in the Gaza Strip of Palestine. The groups are strong in their links of anti-Semitism and desires for a free Palestine. RIRA leaders have reportedly met with Hamas officials. Also, the RIRA is believed to have links with the Afghan Taliban, which includes training on making IEDs. The Real IRA may also have links with the Caucasus Emirate and other Chechen rebel groups…”

The primary source for these claims? That would be a 2001 report on “militant Catholicism” and its united opposition with “militant Islam” to the “Anglo-American establishment” from a publication known as the Trumpet, a title which might give you a clue to its origins:

“ is the official website of the Philadelphia Trumpet newsmagazine…

…which began in February 1990, is published 10 times a year by the Philadelphia Church of God.

The Trumpet seeks to show how current events are fulfilling the biblically prophesied description of the prevailing state of affairs just before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.”

So that would be the proselytizing website of a right-wing Protestant evangelical congregation in the United States whose current obsessions include the possible instigation of race riots by a “radical black empowerment movement” and the need for a “Western” crusade against Muslims. As for the mysterious editor behind the bizarre anti-RIRA propaganda – as if such a thing were really required given the guerillas’ dreadful history – he or she has no account on Wikipedia of their own, but their IP address traces back to a school, library or local government computer in the US state of Wisconsin and the city of Holmen in particular. Furthermore the individual concerned has been repeatedly censured by more senior Wikipedia editors for politicised editing and acts deemed to be “vandalism” under the encyclopaedia’s rules.

Which of course makes the whole RIRA/NIRA entry on Wikipedia suspect from beginning to end. Though it’s certainly not the only one. For similar questionable content on the internet’s most cited source of information check out the website Wikipediocracy.

12 comments on “The Farcical Wikipedia Entry On The Islamic Real IRA

  1. ar an sliabh

    Wikipedia already proclaimed that popular belief trumps actuality. No surprise here. They actually have a record of banning those globally acclaimed to be subject matter experts because they disagree with mainstream belief. They are a big joke. welcome to the “meirican” way to tell “history.”


    • Wikipedia already proclaimed that popular belief trumps actuality. [citation needed]


      • ar an sliabh

        It’s called the “undue weight policy,” which allows the relegation of factual experts to the side line if they represent the minority view, which in many specialised areas has led to some internationally acclaimed subject matter experts from being banned contributing to the field of their expertise. The policy specifically allows for “that articles should not give minority views or aspects as much of or as detailed a description as more widely held views,” in fact allowing for popular belief to trump actuality, if the latter is represented by fewer contributors. In fairness, they throw in the alternative route of “or widely supported aspects,” which appears more in favor of a proper fact-checked weight, but fails to specify if the “support” is factual or merely popular. The whole thing of reflecting minority viewpoints is largely ignored when the subject matter is of importance to whoever the editor is or editors are.

        Hope that helps…


      • ar an sliabh

        Oh, just in case the intent of the policy is somewhat murky as initially posted, they clarified it further in their policy (see above link):

        If a viewpoint is held by an extremely small (or vastly limited) minority, it does not belong on Wikipedia, regardless of whether it is true or you can prove it, except perhaps in some ancillary article.


  2. Well, I have no problem with Hezbollah.
    They took on Israel in lebanon in 2006 and are credited with defeating them.
    I know for sure they knocked out several Israeli Merkava tanks.
    A tank specifaclly designed by Israel based on their 1956 and 1973 tank wars.
    No mean feat of Hezbollah.

    Hezbollah also speak Gaelic…And this has forced the Israelis to also learn Gaelic so as they can listen to what Hezbollah are saying.

    Also, Imad Mughniyah is quite the fellow. It has been said that when the USA killed six Iranian secret servie in Iraq during the war there.
    Imad was responsible for sending in an “informer” into the hands of the CIA who then committed suicide taking some CIA agents with him.
    He believd in using the careful application of violence.
    Robert Baer a former CIA officer had this to say about him.
    According to former CIA agent Robert Baer, “Mughniyah is probably the most intelligent, most capable operative we’ve ever run across, including the KGB or anybody else. He enters by one door, exits by another, changes his cars daily, never makes appointments on a telephone, never is predictable. He only uses people that are related to him that he can trust. He doesn’t just recruit people.”[25] He was described as “tall, slender, well-dressed and handsome … penetrating eyes,” speaking some English but better French.

    I read Robert Baers book. “..21 Laws for Assassins” and Iman Mughniyah… featured heavily in it.
    I was totally astounded that until then I never heard of him.
    I view him as the modern day Michael Collins in terms of Guerilla fighters..


  3. Salaam Alaikum Sé do bheatha!

    Although I find Wikipedia useful in many ways, another important misinformation aspect of Wikipedia has to do with dedicated state interests feeding in their “information” and challenging any corrections. I found this in particular with regard to entries on ETA, Basque banned organisations and the Basque struggle in general; also the Kurdish-Turkish struggle and, as you’d expect, the Zionist-Palestinian struggle.


    • ar an sliabh

      Don’t forget that the kaffir ally is only good until the mission is done. Then you can dispense with him. if you are anything other than part of the Umma you are nothing. All westerners are the enemy. Pick your bedfellows carefully, I say. Better stick with the folks who truly believe in the holy Qu’ran and not the ones that also believe in the Saudi add-on, They will truly cut off your head when they are done with you.


    • I agree with that. There is “misinformation”, which comes from stupidity, ignorance or simple mistakes, and “disinformation” which is a deliberate muddying of the waters. The Real IRA entry seems to be a bit of both, someone trolling as much for the mischief of it as for any political intent.


  4. Wikipedia is a font of Masonic disinfo – an electronic version of the Mi5/Mi6 presstitute propaganda peddled by the Sunday Indo. Just as you won’t find the Workers Party/OIRA/Neocon mafia that runs the Sindo ever even mentioning the criminal empire WP/OIRA ran on both sides of the Irish border, you won’t find any information in Wikpedia or the Sindo about the loyalist paramilitaries’ criminal ties to organised crime syndicates in Europe and elsewhere. For example how many Irish people know that the UDA and the UVF are heavily involved in trafficking illegal immigrants to southern Ireland?


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