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ASF-TFIF Brings You Dancing Predators With Danny Glover

Following a purgatory week of meetings and teleconferences of questionable merit – slidey-widey PowerPoint presentations being a poor substitute for empirical evidence, no matter how razzle-dazzle their set-up – all I can say is this: thank fuck it’s Friday! Another twelve hours to go and I’ll be liberated from this capitalist-born serfdom, free to roam hither and thither like Mel Gibson in a saffron kilt. Well, at least until Monday morning…

So, just to get me and you in the mood, here is a cinematic flashback to 1990 and the middling sci-fi sequel, Predator 2, and this satirical out-take featuring the film’s lead actor, Danny Glover, busting some moves on the dance-floor with several shape-throwing alien hunters. The shoot was organised by Lionel Douglass, a then well-known dancer and performer, and the man behind the costume-role of “Big Bird” in the stage versions of the children’s television show, Sesame Street. At the time of the recording he was playing the lead “predator” in the movie and persuaded his prosthetic-wearing colleagues to join him in a celebration for the crew to mark the end of filming. Though it has resurfaced online several times before, this particular version, featuring a new audio overlay of Jason Nevin’s 1997 remix of “It’s Like That” by hip-hop pioneers Run-DMC, is particularly good. Enjoy!

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  1. So wrong I don’t want to be right. Hilarious. (Please get some rest. I’m concerned!) 🙂


  2. Eileen Healy



  3. from one worker to another – thank F . . . it’s Friday evening!!!!


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