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War Nerd Radio, December Podcasts

I thought some ASF readers might be interested in the two most recent episodes of the War Nerd Radio, a news and current affairs podcast by the protean military blogger, the War Nerd, and Mark Ames, journeyman writer and former editor of the one-time Kremlin irritant, the eXile. The first discussion stretches across a range of subjects, from Donald Trump’s passing familiarity with history to Frank Herbert’s sci-fi classic, “Dune”, while the second includes such items as ethnic cleansing, the Kurdish fight in Syria, and Erich Maria Remarque’s “All Quiet on the Western Front”, a book so important that the Nazis tried to ban it. As Nazis are wont to do.

War Nerd Radio, Episode 9:

War Nerd Radio, Episode 10:

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  1. Good man Sionnach, these are a fantastic antidote to the lies and obfuscations we’re fed in the established media.


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