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Blondie, Rapture – Rhythm Scholar Doomsday Deathmix

I must admit to being somewhat obsessed with this darkly atmospheric version of Blondie’s 1980 post-disco classic, “Rapture”, released by talented remixer, Rhythm Scholar, in October. The “Doomsday Deathmix”, with its echoes of cinematic horror music, has brought to the fore a previously unnoticed dark undertone in Debbie Harry’s voice, giving the truncated lyrics a strange Poe-like quality. The whole thing has suddenly become far more sinister, while remaining eminently listenable. So imagine my dark-souled delight when I discovered that the mix had been matched to an utterly surreal video and uploaded to YouTube, and in 1080p quality to boot.

You can download this and other Rhythm Scholar remixes marking the 35th anniversary of Rapture’s original release in ZIP format on the link here. Only MP3 320 kbps audio, I’m afraid, since they are remix files, so you won’t get FLAC-levels of depth though that is probably meaningless given the context.

9 comments on “Blondie, Rapture – Rhythm Scholar Doomsday Deathmix

  1. eileen healy

    Brilliant and disgusting , and not in equal measure


  2. eileen healy

    I just remembered who the figure on the beginning of the video reminded me of! Podge and Rodge


  3. You have risen greatly in my esteem due to the apppearance of any and all Blondie content on An Sionnach Fionn! The comments about the dark atmosphere touch on an aspect of music that appeals to me: the contrast between the angelic and the demonic in the one piece.


  4. john cronin



  5. Thank you for posting this! I’m really pleased how everything came together on this one! I’m really glad you dig it. There’s more remixes on the way. 😀 ❤
    – RS


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