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Jesus Loves You But Everyone Else…

The people of Ireland took to the polls on two separate occasions to reject his faith-based description of marriage and his faith-based vision of politics but, by God, they’ll never be able to reject his faith-based interpretation of Mother’s Day 2016!

5 comments on “Jesus Loves You But Everyone Else…

  1. As the High King of Inane Comments, I must now relinquish my crown to Mr. Quinn. What an…well, you already said it.


  2. ar an sliabh

    Jesus was one hell of a guy. Love thy neighbor as thy self… turn the other cheek, a true rebel. He was probably more likely executed for interfering with the money lenders at the temple than anything else. Similar to the fate anyone interfering with the bank bail-out would most likely have suffered. Quinn…not so much.


    • He was not a historical person.


      • ar an sliabh

        Yet once more the all-powerful all-knowing Janis speaks…(or types). Are you quite certain you are not German? It is actually less about a person than an idea.


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