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Two Documentaries On The Kurdish War, Plus The Russians Get A Fright

A couple of recent video documentaries on the Kurdish struggle in Syria and Iraq. The first, “Kurdistan: Girls at War“, was broadcast last year by the Franco-German television channel, ARTE, focusing mainly on the fighters of the YPJ and PKK. Its interesting if slightly less questioning than it should be (and the title is a bit patronising). The second is from the National Geographic travelogue series, “Explorer: Fighting ISIS“, which was shown at the start of March. Related to these is the below clip of Russian Federation soldiers in Syria fighting off an attack on their base by the forces of the Islamic State (with a reporter looking understandably terrified). Of interest is the prone mini-drone occasionally caught on camera, a commercial, off-the-shelf model available from the likes of Amazon, which is used elsewhere on the (overtly propagandist) YouTube channel to record the operations of the Russian expeditionary troops in the region.

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