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No, Declan! You Never Go Full Tinfoil Hat!

Declan Lynch, regular Sunday Independent columnist, drinks deep from the paranoid well of the partitionist core, before rushing to the battlements of Dublin Castle, musket in hand.

“I have heard it said by a few people, here and there, that if Sinn Fein came to power they would leave the country. Which sounds like a kind of throwaway thing we’d all say from time to time, without actually meaning it, a way of registering our dread of such an arrangement, but not an actual declaration that we will refuse to go on to live in an Ireland that is run by Sinn Fein, and move permanently to another country.

Yet the way I am hearing it, this is one of the very few cases in which the people who say such a thing are seriously engaged in the practicalities of it. They are actually thinking about what arrangements they will make, to move themselves away from here, if and when Sinn Fein assumes significant power over their lives, something that could happen within five years.

And the people I’m talking about here are not political addicts or ‘players’, who might say such a thing for effect; they are regular folk who, for reasons best known to themselves, have a deep dread of living under a regime in which the army council of the IRA is making a valued contribution.

Within five years, maybe 10 . . . it won’t be long now.

So there are quite a few of these people openly Thinking of Leaving the Country, the TLCs, as we might call them.”

Or the WTFs as I might call them. As is in, seriously, what the fuck?

The Sunday Independent, less a newspaper more a paranoid conspiracy



8 comments on “No, Declan! You Never Go Full Tinfoil Hat!

  1. OMG.
    Elvis has left the building with this one.
    There are literally hundreds of things wrong with this.
    Does Declan just not get it!!!!!
    Does Declan not realise that under Fianna Failure ,Cowen and Ahern 250,000 people have already left Ireland. i.e Not just talking about it.
    And Declan is worrying about those who Might leave? Or are planning to leave.
    Is he that much of an insensitive jerk-off?????? The mind boogles.. It truly does

    Or is there some sinister motive.
    Could if be perhaps that those who left are young and therefore more likely poor?????? ( Recent college graduates etc )
    And could it be that those gnats, who are getting flighty; are NOT poor, and what would be regarded as the wealthy elite?
    So, Declan loses sleep over these “elites”? Would that be the case?
    Whilst the great huddled masses.. who; let’s remind ourselves have already left Ireland, are not worth it.
    The “man” is an ass.

    Speaking of an ass.
    Saw this Review on Amazon for Ruth “Farrah Hockey ” Edwards new book
    “The Seven: The Lives and Legacies of the Founding Fathers of the Irish Republic”.
    Who else but Eoghan P Harris gives it a 5 star review.?
    Could it be the same Eoghan Harris?
    Does the P stand for “Prudence????:-)

    Here’s the review.. Please Notice the little Sleeven Blowhard doesn’t declare his interest/bias as a colleague of Dudley Edwards
    in his review.
    I cannot be surprised that the chump has Zero ethics. Can you?
    To write a review without declaring his interest as a co-worker.
    He could be taken down over this.

    Hope you have a strong stomach, lads. The Review is as follows

    “Last Word on 1916 Leaders
    By Eoghan P Harris on 24 March 2016
    Format: Hardcover
    This is likely to be the last word for a long time on the seven leaders of the 1916 Rising. Ruth Dudley Edwards has spent her life thinking about what they did, why they did it, why it was wrong but how it worked as political theatre. Although critical of the epic political play they wrote and acted she is always fair to the actors. The result is a riveting readable book both a brilliant critique of the Rising as well an absorbing account an extraordinary group of fanatics who redeemed their initially blithe indifference to the ” collateral damage” by surrendering after a week of fighting so as to save further civilian casualties.”,

    Gutter snipes is too good a word for them.


    • ar an sliabh

      You mean the same Eoghan P Harris that in the service of the British Telegraph besmirched the memory of his own grandfather? Nothing but a fool and traitor who shamed his own family. A real class act worthy of being a columnist at the independent.


      • Yes,.. at least I think so.. the use of flowery waffle seems like it came from his pen. It would be hard to prove. But definately an unethical review.
        By not declaring his interest as a co worker of RDE the book’s author.


  2. Harris should know all about “political theatre” – the low rent flea-pit variety. He’s been southern Unionism’s varicose veined, flabby arsed exotic dancer for yonks now – always happy to provide “extra services” for special clients: Cathal Goulding’s whore, whore, “Sir Anthony’s” whore, Trimble’s whore, and now Denis – there’s no puffed up charlatan he won’t turn a trick for – as long as the cheque is in the post.


  3. “A deep dread of living under a regime in which the army council of the IRA is making a valued contribution.” People are concerned about this. As well they should be. What is not to get? It’s as plain as the nose on your face…oh wait, are you wearing a balaclava?


    • Ah, c’mon now. You aren’t seriously arguing that “regular folk” in Ireland believe that we will live under a “regime” run by the Army Council of the (Provisional) Irish Republican Army within the next five to ten years, as Lynch suggests?


      • You’re not the sharpest arrow in the quiver, are you? Nobody wrote about a regime “run” by the Army Council of the (Provisional) Irish Republican Army. It is the “valued contribution” that concerns people.


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